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Hustle Wealth Power offers funding for enterpneurs with ideas. We support individuals that may have an business venture,invention or an idea for a start up group. In today's economy many individuals are struggling to become successful. We have these great ideas, inventions and perseverance to succeed, but without the funding to back our ideas up and help us launch our inventions for many our dreams are out of reach. Foreclosure and bankruptcies are on an all-time rise, banks are not funding individuals or companies that are not established. Not only have banks stopped lending money, but venture capital and angel investors have stopped also. The government has no intention in investing in projects, plans or inventions, they have no desire to help entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many Americans do not have good credit or collateral. As an entrepreneur, I have realized that we have to create a support system for one another. We need to find ways to invest in our own ideas and turn profit so we can pay it forward. It is important for the community of neaontal entrepreneurs to come together and figure out a way that we can build a foundation in which funding is available. The idea of creating a foundation for entrepreneurs who can not obtain the financial support from investors or loans, came from my personal struggles as I searched for support in my own invention.The web site will allow entrepreneurs to post their business plans, seek advice regarding there ideas along with provide possible funding for our inventions. Pay if forward is an idea that many investors and entrepreneurs are following, once your business is successful then you would financially support the launch of another entrepreneur?s idea. For example if 1,000,000 people invest $1.00 dollar in 1 project that person project then that person would have $1,000,000 in startup capital then that person should invest more than $1.00 dollar into another person business when there business is off and running sort of like an entrepreneur lottery and we will recycle the same plat form over and over every month with members paying monthly fees of $1.00 to join. This is an opportunity for us to help each other be successful without the government in our pocket taxes and banks and investors charging us high interest for this to happen it have to be trust and honesty. That?s why I created this program called Hustle, Wealth, and Power. Let me tell you a little bit of how I came up with this concept so I thought the only way I am going to get funded is by individuals regular Joes who have dreams and is going through the same thing as me. Not to many people have $1,000,000, $50,000 or even $1,000 but most people have a dream of being successful. I started thinking how can I get 1,000,000 people to invest $1.00 I also thought how can I invest in the people that invest in me back so that how I came up with this concept.

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