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Columbus, Ohio Custom Fashion Designer Joni Head has built her long-standing career in fashion following her own set of rules. Her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, commitment to remain true to her one-of-a-kind vision in an industry known for its fickleness. Her ability to change with the while keeping her designs pure has not gone unnoticed. Joni was born in Cleveland, Ohio and spent her childhood loving to dance. Her aspirations to be a dancer and her love for costumes laid the foundation for Joni's creativity and inspiration, which is still evident in her designs today. In 1979, Joni began her foray into retail by opening a small new Boutique called Joni's Place. Her love of detail and design is evident in everything she does in life and in business. Her enthusiasm, creativity and boundless talent will keep Joni going for years to come. Her love of detail and design is evident in everything she does in life and in business. Her enthusiasm, creativity and boundless talent will keep Joni going for years to come. I am what you might call a " Fashion enthusiast" which by definition means I love Fashion. What has now developed into the passion of a Fashion Designer. My love for Fashion inspired me to create a business that would take this special product to the next level. This new path has been definitely challenging as there was a lot to learn, but I found it extremely rewarding and fulfilling to know that I was going to be able to share my love for Fashion. I do not use patterns, I create my own designs. When creating custom designs, I make them to fit the individual. Each product goes through the design process to become something truly special and one-of-a-kind just like the exceptional men who will wear them. I hope you enjoy your experience and I look forward to meeting you at: Joni Fashion Boutique Store No. 1456 Owner/ President Columbus, Ohio We have 25 years of experience designing, altering, repairing and adjusting clothing for men, women, children, seniors and even infants. We have made tailoring alterations for all shapes and sizes. Tailoring Services Tailored garments are a personal pride in appearance and we understand desired comfort and are willing to make an exchange our talent and resources. We will guarantee our loyal services at a reasonable price and quick turn around time. Thank you for visiting our web page and allow us to offer our personal services. We offer professional tailoring & alterations Service: ? Tops ? Suits ? Formal Dresses ? Slacks ? Prom Dresses ? Skirts ? Wedding Dresses ? Shirts ? Jeans ? Custom Made Clothing ? Beaded Dresses ? Leather ? Waist in/out ? Crotch in/out ? Sides in/out ? Restyling ? Shorten shoulder ?Sleeves Shortened ? Hem, hem w/ cuff ? Dress Hem ? Re-cuts ? Add/Remove Buttons ? Replace Lining ? Replace Buttons ? Buttons Holes ? Taper Sleeves (by hand or machine) ?Shorten Coat ? Patch up Jeans ? Lower Collar ? Replace Zippers ? Shorten Collar ? Jeans Original Hem ? Taper legs If you are looking for someone to replace a zipper in your favorite pair of jeans or pants or you have problems fitting into anything you buy in the store, I can help you make those adjustments. And, I will save you the hassle of dropping off and picking up your items by traveling to you! I have 25+ years of experience making and altering clothes for myself and others and would be happy to help! Layaway Program Did you know that we have a Layaway program? That?s right, if your budget is tight but you have got to have that sexy outfit or hot new item, you can put your merchandise on Layaway!!! Check us out day. Thanks for Shopping!

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