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Lil-Mama's Poetry Jam, let's you be able to get out your true thought's and feelings about real life events.

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Hey oppinions wanted...What do you think about This? Pittsburgh=poverty,bankrupt,ki lling of friends,and family,drama, and lies,deceite,hurt,theft,appres sion,un-employment,ignorance, fear,set in it's old ways/stuck in the past,negativity,but the true question is what will you do for change? Sit back and ignor it, by not worring about these things unless they have to do with you, or stand up for what you feel is right, and make a differance. In other words, speak out against what is wrong, open up and shed some positive light on the people around you. Were all on big family if you think about it on this earth. Cause in the long run we all want the same thing ecept people go about getting what the want in differant ways. Cause were all unique,and differant individuals. Trying to get by in this world is challenging,but we can all help each other. Starting by stopping the gang banging,the killing,rapeing,robbing of one anothers belongings,lying,cheating,and creating drama, and havoc on this world that we all have to live on togather......T-H-I-N-K.......
One Love,Lil-Mama:aka:Mara.L. 2008.