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The Masters, call the Insaanu Kaamil, a self-perfected man.When one is born, he/she is not born a doctor,a lawyer, and is not born a teacher, not born a leader. He is just born a being. Destiny says that this being will grow.If the environment is not geared towards a progressive growth this person will be callow and unprogressive. If the environment is steered towards progressive growth and the person senses are all acting, they will be grown.However, we have accepted that in most cases you and I alike, have been programmed through television, music, styles, diets and the environment. All of these are the products of the history of the environment or country that we are in. We must change what we see, what we hear, what we taste, what we smell, and what we feel. You must overcome not come over. That is you; you must lead, not follow. Be who and what you are. Master Saying, "Divine love, through me now dissolves all seeming obstacles and makes my path easy and successful."

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Of all the emotional barriers, the most devastating is ANGER; the greatest enemy of peace, for it is the most negative. It is a modification of lust, for when one's desires are not gratified, one becomes angry. The mind then becomes confused, memory and overstanding is lost, and things are said and done without awareness or control.
Anger does great danger to one's own physical and psychic bodies. As well as those of the others. The whole nervous system is shattered by one fit of anger. Occasionally a spiritual teacher expresses a little anger outwardly in order to correct a student, but this should not be confused with an emotional outburst. Though he or she may appear hot and indignant on the outside, the true master remains cool within, for his or her motive is the growth of his or her disciples. Only when anger is the outcome of selfish or petty motives is it wrong.
Anger is very difficult to control when it has been allowed to grow and become habitual. It is most easily controlled when it is a small ripple in the subconscious mind. One should watch the mind carefully for any signs of irritability; then control is no problem. Frequent irritation over trifling matters is a sign of mental weakness. This can be overcome by carefully developing its counterforce, the virtue of patience.
Just as heat and light can be transferred into electricity, anger can be transferred into spiritual energies. All vices, unwanted qualities, and wrong actions stem from anger. When anger has been controlled, all others die by themselves. Anger gains strength with repetition, and in checking it, one gradually strengthens the will. By learning to remain silent even in the face of insult and abuse, it becomes easier to check for emotions before they take form.
Always speak moderately and if there is a possibility of a burst of anger during conversation stop speaking and do something else. Words should be soft and arguments hard, for if the words are hard they create conflicts. Drinking cool water, or taking a brisk walk are excellent aids in combating anger, as is maintaining silence for a long time. Smoking, eating bad food, and drinking are irritants, which irritate, and aggravate the problems, and are best avoided. Family can bring out the worst in you. Love ones know how to get inside and upset you. Don't argue when hungry. If you expect too much of others, you deserve the pain of a let down. Do what you know you can, don't try to show off, it can bring you problems. If you go into crowded areas, you're bound to find trouble. You are in control of your emotions. You are responsible for whatever happens to you. You are always where you are suppose to be. Look around you. Hotep