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If you want to know how to make money online or are making money online this is the group for you. Tips and tricks for internet marketing, website promotion. Marketing advice, how to generate website traffic free to low cost. Social bookmarking tips, advertising tips,Get your site on google search engine fast and easy. SEO tips you wont get elsewhere. Learn how to generate much more traffic using free underground tips and tricks. website traffic, internet marketing, website promotion, social bookmarking, internet business. For new to moderate affiliate marketers. Check out the blog.

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How to turn no more than a $30 investment into a cash stream in a week.

If you are new to internet marketing or are just one of the millions of people looking for new ways to make money from home because of the economy, this tip works for anyone. There are a few ways to create a cash infusion (or at least some immediate money) I will attempt to simplify two of these strategies for you or any webmaster that wonders how this is done.

This is simple, very simple and you will wonder why you never thought of it. The reason is you did not have all the information needed to think of it. Well today is your lucky day, thank the surf gods for leading you here. These steps are easy to follow and very much worth the minute and a half it should take you to read them. Lets go!

Free Strategy: This is the the basic rundown and step by step for both strategies, the only difference is one is free and one is very minimal in cost. Ok, lets get on with it.

Step 1. Find Something to barter, trade or do to get money from others.

You need something you can trade to people on the internet for money. I know, everyone knows that, but everyone does not know how to go about finding that product or service. After you finish this, you will. The truth is, on the internet you don't actually have to be in possession of a product or service, you just need to know who is and then you send customers to that person in exchange for a cut. It's a dream come true, no shipping, no book-keeping just commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing. You send visitors to a third parties already optimized web page and they share sales income with you. That's it There are many places around the net already set up for this type of agreement, i personally prefer clickbank because they are easy and pay twice a month like a real job.

Step 2. Advertise, promote, market the new found product.
This is also very easy in today's modern world. Thank God for Come up with a good eye catching title and post your ads there and also Pick the appropriate category (usually services) and post a simple text ad on these classified websites. All you really need is the affiliate link the gave you at clickbank and a blog or somewhere to cloak the affiliate links (needed for clickbank and backpage) a blog is best because you can put the raw affiliate link on a blog with no cloaking. (for more in detail instructions) This post is actually to promote a great little deal i set up for my readers. Its the easiest way but it costs $30. Why $30?

Resell Rights. I have a product that you can use to make immediate money. You get the sales website already optimized and all the images and software its very simple to set up. All you have to do is upload the zip contents and re-title the main sales page. The product, which you also get will come in handy for you also.

I even give the source code to make it easy to rebrand into your own brand. Once you pay $30 for the right to sell this product you keep all the money. A year ago this resell package was going for $500+. Check it out, everything you see on the page and you get also. You get a page just like that and the rest of the site also. You can make it any price you want, and they sell. I never promote the product any more and sell at least 10 a week. If i tried and raised the price (low for my readers) i could easily make a few hundred a week. I am just too busy to market the smaller sales pages at the moment. I use to, this was one of my firsts. Now i spend all day marketing for a few big ticket items, but the few dollars per sale from this product still looks good in my paypal. These resell licenses go like hot cakes at $99 but i love to help webmasters. If you haven't noticed "I hate Internet Marketing Gurus" and go out of my way to stick it to them.

Tip one for advertising. Set up the website, copy and paste form body tag to /body tag in the resell websites source code and use that for a bang up craigslist ad. All you have to do is change the links to point to your resell website that i provide. Its all explained here. This really is all you need to start making money online.

So check it out and i'll be seeing ya in the trenches. And check out for more tips and tricks.