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The name Ox and Donkey symbolizes being unequally yoked. The terminology comes from the Bible. In Deuteronomy 22:10 "Do not plow with an ox and donkey yoked together." This is intended to be a fun online free group to help restore relationships among adult couples. Ox and Donkey Relationship Cards design relationship cards that highlight the issue couple have. These cards are designed to be funny but have possible solutions through philosophy, Bible verse, and old fashion wisdom, which is why everybody with relationship issue are encourage to join. Our members can share their issues and our group will attempt to help them resolve it. New cards might be created based on the issues and solution discovered. Marriage counselors, pastors, and psychologists are encouraged, invited and most welcome to join and horn in Ox and Donkey Relationship Club as advisors, looky loos, or to share and comment. Ox and Donkey Relationship Club is intended for loving couples, living together, cohabiting, shacking-up, whatever, with issues (married or not) who feel they have opposite views of life and values. In reality most romantically active people have experienced being in Ox and Donkey Relationships. Many couples in relationships are at odds with each other because of their differences, which in many cases creates a break-up.This is what we want to avoid, if possible. Though these couples once found love, passion and/or lust in each other not so very long go, their lack of knowledge about differences, boundaries and acceptance of each others individualism creates division. This breakdown of healthy communication and understanding often destroys and/or negatively impacts the lives and/or childhood of children. Our club is organized to share our personal relationship issues and post about it in a sincere effort to seek help and help others without being put down or ridiculed. Some couples are indeed totally incompatible because one or both are set in their ways and refuse to budge. Such couple might be advised and instructed how to separate with integrity, peace and dignity but above all without harm or violence. However, in most cases harmony can be reached. Willing couples can learn not only to co-exist in harmony but to enrich their lives while doing so. Biblical scriptures (though this is not a religious group) are included as a guide. Our group is on Facebook where anyone can find us "Ox and Donkey Relationship Cards" and post their interest, concerns, issues and comments.

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