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This group is for persons who feel that they may be suffering from that thing called Perfectionism. Perfectionist are person's that sometimes people who are sloppy and just do things any old way cant handle much. Some times Perfectionist are still very single because they are very picky and very few people tend to live up to the standards that they set. They have set rules for everything in Love, In Dating , In Marriage, in Money, Business and life in general. They are often very successful but wish that they could find someone that they could be compatible with on all there agendas do that they can finally relax and know that their mate or soul mate of business partner or even their family wont screw up all the good works that they have done. The Perfectionist sometimes ends up alone and lonely ever sometimes wishing themselves that they could just give them self a break from it all and chill out a and be like everyone else for a change. But the Perfectionist knows that if they do that it will cause failure. This group is a place for those who really are true Perfectionist to meet and chat about what makes sense what does not and to get to the bottom of the truth about your own ways. Are you truly a Perfectionist for the good or are you just selfish and wasting your own time. Of course you know the truth, only you know the truth, But your true success depends on it. Decisions in life we make everyday. We make good ones we make bad ones. Maybe you will meet a Perfectionist here in this group that can help you. I decided to start this group because I am a Perfectionist raised by perfectionist parents who were geniuses at a lots of thing's, In career and in money but they mostly were very self centered to a fault and their marriages ended in divorce. Is love important to you ? do you love yourself so much that you ruin all your relationships by demanding that it is always only about you? Life is to short. I don't suggest you change. I suggest you find someone like you to agree with on a broad range of subjects. This group is for high quality perfectionist only please if you don't have this problem. Please don't join. Do you open your car door with tissue? Do you not allow fingerprints on your mirrors or even dust? Do you insist all your hangers be turned the same way and be color coded etc etc etc? I think you are getting the picture. These kinds of people belong together because you cannot stand being closely knit with others at home especially who are not. Someday you will have to learn to get along with someone that you truly need in your life and have no choice for your own good don't mess up for your self just because you are just a Perfectionist and at the end you are miserable because of your own unique way. I am qualified to listen. Send a message if you really need an ear. Limit questions to one per month please. Other members may agree to do the same. Tell someone about this group that you feel has a problem with perfectionism. Thank You

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