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Power of the Tongue is for those of us who love free spirits, humanity and honesty. It is for people who enjoy wisdom of the ages. We all have LIFE lessons to learn, and with some good advice along the way we can make it through the not so good times. As we all know KNOWLEDE is power. IF you believe that we speak things into being, this group is for you. IF you know that thoughts are things, "a force", this group is for you.IF you know, we should be careful how we think and speak and that your WORDS have power, this IS the group of interest for you. I am a Free Thinker- "an Eclectiscist" which means I chose from various systems of( religious beliefs) and SEE the reality in ALL. This Group is for people who are thinkers, ones who ask the "hard" & "simple" questions concerning the origin of man, religion and "God", "The Source", "Divine Love or Spirit ' or whatever NAME you PREFER to call the creator of All.(It has many names) to me it is an energy -that is eternal. So welcome. This Group is for the mature, open-minded thinkers and truth seekers of this wonderful planet. "A man/woman of courage nevers endures (supports) an insult; an honorable man/woman nevers offers one." -Syrus So I say to YOU Namaskar!! which means I salute the divinity in you! Welcome to enlightenment. (RELIGION -VS- SCIENCE) FREE THINKERS, METAPHYSICANS, BELIEVERS AND ATHEIST WELCOME!!! *THE LAW OF ATTRACTION *SOWING AND REAPING *KARMA *POWERS AND PRINCIPLES IS LIFE AND DEATH IN THE POWER OF THE TONGUE?

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I am not writing this essay as a member of any particular religious organization, I do not belong to any. I am writing it as a member of the human family, without regard to race or religion, and for the benefit of all mankind.... I have many questions and most Christians will not answer and some will even get angry beacause I choose to think and ask questions. Some people want you to accept Christianity in blind faith...capitulation or assimilation they LOVE... but as for a Freethinker they are quickly annoyed at you for using your own mind to think!!...Answer me this please.. why would an almighty "God" and "loving father" say this in Isaiah 45:7...Why is it the "Preachers" tell us that we are dirty rags and wretched worms and don't deserve to stand in the presence of "God"... yet they have us praying to "God" but if we are so disgusting why should we go asking for help and praising "HIM"... why pray to a GOD that doesn't even want us around HIM.... laughable don't you think?? Here are some questions for Christians... will you answer them for me please, without being offended or getting mad...
1. Who or what is God?
2. How does one really KNOW that it exists?
3. Has anyone ever seen it... and why call it a HE?
4. What is the history and orgin of Christianity?
5. What do you know of World Mythology?
6. Is "God" a respecter of people?...You KNOW that Jews and Hebrews are two different races of people...right!
7. Why is it that Christians will accept the title said by most "Preachers" referring to them as being "dumb sheep?'
8. Knowing the nature of liars why do you blindly accept the words of ancient men that you know nothing about...were they men of integrity???
9. Why are we being punished for Adams errors?
10. Why would "God" create such wretched creatures in the first place?
11. Why would "HE" give us a "Freewill", being omniscient and knowing that we aren't perfect...and then punish us for erroring and will let "HIS" beloved children go to hell, why did HE create HELL.... just destroy humans like "HE" has done before?
12. Why are women so badly talked about and oppressed in the Bible?

More question next week..... see you then! .... OH and when GOD drowned all the people except for Noah and his family... how did bad people come back into existence? Caddy2012, Truth Seeker& Thinker