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Purdy Weave on is for the ladies to talk about hair care tips to keep their extensions looking good on top and real hair underneath healthy.

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Newsletter #8, Oct. 2017

PROFILE: Find your next stylist with this app

An app that zeros-in on the beauticians that specialize in Black women's hair and budget preferences might be coming to a city near you.

The Swivel Beauty app filters stylists by criteria, such as hair texture, wait time, neighborhood, and so on. If that weren't convenience enough, the mobile app links to stylist Instagram accounts and provides reviews by their clients.

The logo for the Swivel Beauty app

Can't make it to the beauty shop? Then search the app for a beautician that will come to you.

?I think they are ingenious with this idea of bringing all these amazing Black stylists to clients who would otherwise not know where they were or how to contact them,? said Tinika Sidiku, whose NYC beauty shop Hair by Siduku is on the app. ?It takes away a lot of the guess work."

Swivel is available only in New York City and Washington at the moment, but that'll soon change. Co-founders Jenny Lambert and Jihan Thompson, who are also best friends, plan to expand the app to other key U.S. cities in early 2018. They founded Swivel Beauty in part to "chasing down complete strangers on the street to ask them where they get their hair done" over the last 15 years.

Swivel Beauty co-founders Jenny Lambert and Jihan Thompson

If you're in either city, download the app here on iTunes. Sign up for updates on when the app comes to a city near you; or when it becomes available on Android.

Otherwise, add your city if you're in a city outside New York and D.C. We already requested adding Harrisburg, PA!

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Newsletter #7, Sept. 2017

Seven tips to rock a lace-front wig

It's September, and school is back in session. Review these seven tips for a fresh-looking lace front.

1. Examine it after opening.

This applies to all human hair extensions, whether frontals, closures, bundles, or braiding hair. However, it's especially important for lace fronts, because it can optimize or diminish the overall appearance of your wig.

Is the lace fairly smooth? Are there stray hairs detached?

2. Secure your natural hair.

Cornrow or wrap the edges of your real hair before applying the lace front. This creates a flat foundation for the hairline of your wig.

3. Choose the right adhesive.

Always test a small amount of adhesive on the inner part of your arm. Do the same with non-glue adhesive. Use the product only if there are no side effects after 24 hours.

A wig head sits apart from others on a shelf.

4. Maintain your natural hair.

Maybe you wear your wig just one week at a time. If not, then your real hair needs some tender love and care.

Dry your real hair completely after shampooing and conditioning it. Never wear your wig on a wet head. This can breed bacteria and make your real hair smell bad.

5. Wear only six weeks.

Six weeks is the maximum time you should wear a lace front. Yes, this is only a recommendation; but remember that your real hair gets dirty from sweat, moisture, products, and so on.

6. Remove it gently.

Take off your lace frontal when you make the time.

Apply enough adhesive remover to soften the glue beforehand; then, remove your wig as gently as possible. You don't want to snag the real hair underneath.

7. Remember that it's an accessory.

"Your lace wig is temporary," writes Gemma Green of "Give your tresses the time and attention they deserve, and a wig will continue to be an enhancement, not a replacement for the real thing."

We could not have said it better.

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Newsletter #6, Aug. 2017

Profile: BOMB nude lip gloss coming Sept. 1

If your lips are like mine, then they're more plump than they are full. This is why I've embraced lip gloss. From afar, my lips don?t look like slivers as they do under lipsticks with deep or dark pigments.

But there is good news for those of you who love lip gloss for whatever reason. Mented Cosmetics, a Black-owned makeup brand (BOMB), will unveil its nude lip glosses on Sept. 1.

Harvard Business School alumnae Amanda Johnson and K.C. Miller are expanding Mented's line of nude lipsticks and nail polish to include Gloss for Grownups. This collection includes "Baby Brown," "Berry Me," Mauve Over," and "Send Nudes"

Models wear

"I was a hardcore lip gloss fan, but could never? find the right shade or formula," admits Johnson. "Everything was either too sticky, too shiny, too frosty, or too sheer and didn't compliment my skin tone."

I agree that some of the lip gloss I've worn appears too frosty or too sheer on my lips. The Gloss for Grownups collection apparently addresses these limitations. These nude glosses even has a slightly sweet flavor, according to Miller.

Well, say no more. I'm looking forward to Mented Cosmetic's new Gloss for Grownup collection. Visit them at And stay tuned for my review.

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Jubalyn ExWilliams
Purdy Weave and Wigs Company

NOTE: Purdy Weave and Wigs Company isn't an affiliate or partner of Mented Cosmetics. weave/posts/1726991020940292