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Purdy Weave on is for the ladies to talk about hair care tips to keep their extensions looking good on top and real hair underneath healthy.

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Newsletter #6, Aug. 2017

Profile: BOMB nude lip gloss coming Sept. 1

If your lips are like mine, then they're more plump than they are full. This is why I've embraced lip gloss. From afar, my lips don?t look like slivers as they do under lipsticks with deep or dark pigments.

But there is good news for those of you who love lip gloss for whatever reason. Mented Cosmetics, a Black-owned makeup brand (BOMB), will unveil its nude lip glosses on Sept. 1.

Harvard Business School alumnae Amanda Johnson and K.C. Miller are expanding Mented's line of nude lipsticks and nail polish to include Gloss for Grownups. This collection includes "Baby Brown," "Berry Me," Mauve Over," and "Send Nudes"

Models wear

"I was a hardcore lip gloss fan, but could never? find the right shade or formula," admits Johnson. "Everything was either too sticky, too shiny, too frosty, or too sheer and didn't compliment my skin tone."

I agree that some of the lip gloss I've worn appears too frosty or too sheer on my lips. The Gloss for Grownups collection apparently addresses these limitations. These nude glosses even has a slightly sweet flavor, according to Miller.

Well, say no more. I'm looking forward to Mented Cosmetic's new Gloss for Grownup collection. Visit them at And stay tuned for my review.

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Jubalyn ExWilliams
Purdy Weave and Wigs Company

NOTE: Purdy Weave and Wigs Company isn't an affiliate or partner of Mented Cosmetics. weave/posts/1726991020940292



Chicago boycott of Missha Beauty surpasses 130 days

We previously addressed the March choking of a patron by the alleged beauty supply owner in "Newsletter #1, March 2017." Sung Ho Lim had accused the unnamed woman of shoplifting from his Charlotte, N.C. beauty supply store.

Residents and members of the local NAACP chapter responded to the altercation caught on video with a boycott.

As of August 1, the boycott of Missha Beauty's Chicago location surpassed more than 130 days.

Flyer for Chicago boycott of beauty supply store"



Newsletter #5, July 2017

How to get rid of summer friz

August is around the corner, and that means some of summer's most humid days are yet to come. But you can still minimize frizzy hair, weaves, and wigs.

Three UT Arlington students models their curly hair.

Frizz is your real and your human hair's way of signaling that it needs moisture. The cuticle opens up to absorb the humidity -- or moisture. When frizzy, your hair is in double jeopardy because open cuticles makes it susceptible to breakage.

Here are some tips:

First, consult a skilled cosmetologist, licensed beautician, or trichologist to determine that your hair isn't damaged.

Next, prevent your natural hair and Afro Kinky Curly weaves and wigs from losing moisture by sealing in that moisture while washing it. Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are excellent for moisturizing summer hair. Complete your regiment with a hot oil treatment, if necessary.

Are moisturizing products too heavy for your hair texture or for this time of year? Try a less-moisturizing products such as those labeled "for normal" or "for fine" hair. Complete your regiment with a hot oil treatment, if necessary.

Chad Paskins of Chad Paskins Hair Studio

Last, Chad Paskins of the Chad Paskins Hair Studios in Dallas, Tex. suggests that you not neglect the surfaces of your textured tresses. "...when you put product on your hair, you miss a lof of your hair, because those bonds are wrapped inside," he said. "So you're actually putting it on the outside of the curl... but... not the interior of the curl."

Paskins achieves this with LOC method, which stands for Leave-in conditioner, Oil and Cream.

He recommends not using shampoos with sulfate if dryness continues. Sulfate is a cleansing agent that can strip your hair of its natural oils. Alte rnate between using shampoos with sulfate and without it if washing your hair more often during the summer.

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