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This group is designed to bring non-profits and willing businesses together to battle different aspcets of life that most don't want to aknowledge. May Jah guide his appointed.

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Sol Adventurers Foundation a non-profit organization in LA is currently taking donations to open their new facility in Jamaica. For those who are interested in joining this organization the information is here for the willing and able:

Sol Adventurers Foundation

Program Description

Sol Adventurers Foundation, Inc. will assist disempowered individuals globally, particularly focused on youth and women, to discover their ?gift? and to assist them down the path of sharing their gift with the world. Through this process they will gain motivation, self-esteem, strength and stability.

?Core gifts is an old idea, rooted in cultures around the world, which says that each person comes into this world with the capacity and desire to make a certain contribution to the world around him/her,? states Bruce Anderson, co-developer of the core gift process. In indigenous cultures, each person in the village had a specific and unique gift to bring, this gift was tied to spirit, and the giving of this ?gift? was a primary way for the person to relate to others, fulfill his/her life?s purpose, and find solid ground in times of trouble. Most importantly, each person, regardless of any surface abilities or inabilities, was believed to have a gift. Youth initiation processes were often designed with the intention of assisting the young person to discover his/her gift, which then became one of the primary ways of contributing to community life.

Unfortunately this concept has gotten lost over the generations and many of us go through life never discovering our gift. Knowing your gift helps to define your primary concept of self. Being acknowledged for your core gift by others helps us to strengthen our ability to feel good about ourselves. Awareness of your core gift can raise self confidence in relating to others and is often the ticket to locating and maintaining relationships.

This program is on a voluntary basis and free of charge. In order to be enrolled each participant needs to have a desire to work with the program. The program is focused on working with individuals most in need, initially focused on homeless shelters and children?s homes. More than 1.3 million children are homeless at some time each year. 1 The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority estimates that 88,345 people are estimated to be homeless each night in LA County, the largest homeless population in the nation for any major metropolitan area.2 Sol Adventurers volunteers are currently outreaching to several Los Angeles area shelters to find locations to conduct our pilot project with those individuals that are interested in participating.

In the first phase, each individual will go through an engagement process where they learn about the program and can decide whether this is something they would like to participate in. During this process program staff will focus on building relationships and accessing the individual?s functioning in seven Domains, Principles, and Needs (DPN), which will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

In the second phase of the program, the participants will be engage in the core gift interview process, which has been developed by Bruce & Gina Anderson of Community Activators. The interview process takes approximately an hour. Through the information gathered during the interview we help each individual to discover their gift.

We will then help the individuals learn how to use their gift, give them opportunities to use their gift and set up situations where they could be mentored by others with similar gifts, thus assisting them in reconnecting to their community. During this phase we would also guide individuals to clearly state their goals in writing and help them start taking steps to achieve them. Sol Adventurers Foundation works from a team concept. During this phase we begin team building and group activities once the individual is engaged in the program. The group activities will include outings as well as on-site activities at the shelters.

We understand that many of these individuals may have various issues that are getting in the way of their giving of their gifts and achieving their goals. We seek to assist them in working through these issues to find true happiness no matter where they are or what their circumstances. To address these issues we would be using the DPN method developed by Pete Linnett at the Life Adjustment Team. The DPN method assesses seven domains, teaches seven principles for use in daily functioning and strives to meet seven needs, which have been found to contribute to overall happiness. This model is based on 30 years of practice and research out of UCLA. The domain areas which are assessed include: psychiatric/medical, social/ interpersonal, recreation, self-management, family, educational/vocational, and belief system.

During the second phase, the treatment plan will be developed based on the 3 domains that are the highest priority. These will be agreed upon by the team and the participant. Each domain has modules or skill sets that can be utilized. For example, in the social/interpersonal domain individuals are offered training in social problem solving and basic conversation skills. There are also specialized programs that teach skills on how to overcome obstacles, such as answering questions that are intimidating in a social setting or learning appropriate levels of disclosure, such as how and when to share personal information. Other modules include learning critical thinking skills, skill development, life skills and mind/body/spirit connection.

Another component of the program will be an enrichment program in which the participants are given opportunities to grow through artistic, musical, spiritual, athletic and creative endeavors. We have recently developed a soccer program for the youth in Jamaica. These programs often address the recreation component, which is a necessary element in all of our lives to assist in maintaining balance. Examples of these activities include: art workshops, learning to work together to sail a boat, wilderness survival weekend, music workshops, and various other activities to assist in discovering and developing their gifts, reconnecting with nature and the community, and learning cooperation and leadership skills. Reconnecting the clients with nature will also serve to help them feel more grounded and centered. While working with the participants experientially we will teach them some principles to guide them on their journey. These include being centered, giving and receiving, karma, acceptance, intention & desire and dharma; which is your purpose in society or implementing your gift.
The DPN method is built on the principle that we all have certain needs that must be met to live happy, healthy lives, including: variety, consistency, significance, connection, growth, contribution and passion. The team will assist the individual to fulfill these needs. We will encourage participants as they obtain more stability to give back and mentor an individual new to the program.

The organization will be funded through private donations, scholarships, grants, benefit concerts and other various fundraising activities. The program will become operational once enough start-up funds are raised.

All staff will be required to have a criminal background check and fingerprinting. Clinical staff will be required to have a background in psychology or social work or experience working with an at risk population. Most staff in the first year will be on a voluntary basis. We invite interested individuals to apply to participate in working vacations in Jamaica, in which you can offer you gifts to teach the youth in Jamaica. Peer mentors will be utilized as well. All staff will receive training in the Core Gift Process and the DPN method.

It is imperative for you to learn of some of the horrendous conditions these kids endure and the urgency of raising this money to enable Sol Adventurers Foundation to make a difference in each of their lives. A significant number of youth on the island live in orphanages due to various family crises. The vast majority of them have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused by an adult in their life. Many of them don?t even have basic necessities, such as food or clothing. Most classrooms consist of around 80 kids birth to 20?s being taught by 2 teachers. Many have special needs due to developmental or emotional issues carried from their past that are not being addressed. You can do something to make a difference for these children!

The foundation is interested in provided services to those most in need. We are writing to request donations for two initial projects: LA Project (shelters) and the Jamaica Project (children?s homes). Our budget for the Jamaica Project is approximately $250,000 which must be secured by September 15, 2008. While we have made good progress towards this goal but are still in need of significant support from individuals such as you. We are requesting a tax deductible contribution which can be received via check or on our website: through paypals. We have a contributor who is willing to match our donations up to $50,000 which means for every dollar that you contribute Sol Adventurers will receive two dollars. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to call our office at (323) 445-9014 or email us at: director@soladventurersfoundat if you have any questions.

1Ellen L. Bassuk, M.D. and Steven M. Friedman, Facts on Trauma and Homeless Children (Durham, NC and Los Angeles, CA: National Child Traumatic Stress Network, 2005): 1.

2Los Angeles Homeless Authority, the Great Los Angeles Homeless Count (Los Angeles: January 12, 2006).