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" We are, who we say we are. We say we are because God say's we are." Find yourself without fear. This group is for the man and women, who loves the way they are, and understands that; to be heard and understood is to learn the difference between life and death. This group is founed for those who are Sagitarius King's and Queen's of this generation; and is more intelligent to see from pass and present, and relationship to being the boss.

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Solicitude personified, the Sagittarius/Snake cares for those he loves and admires, and looks after everything from home to car interior with a sense of concern

that makes Florence Nightingale look like a slouch. This is a creature of dignity and bearing whose manners and taste for refinement are second only to an

unparalleled devotion to virtue. The Sagittarian Snake is a human luxury item, without the expensive price tag. It's odd just how daringly this person goes after

what he or she wants - and most times gets it. Born with an almost superhuman high opinion of their own abilities (which are superior indeed), Sagittarians born

in Snake years are always working to improve on what is: build a better mouse trap, find a new way to house orphans, invent a method for detoxifying the air in

hospitals. This character is known for marrying late - or not at all. This does not mean they don't have rich sex lives. The Sag/Snake is almost too attractive and

has lovers and mistresses galore.

Summary : Considerate and willing to go to great lengths to assist and abet those he cares and/or works for, this person always maintains his or her cool.

Broke? Lost? Chagrined? You need a Sagittarius/Snake friend. Family is crucial to this person's survival.
Positive Traits : cheerfulness, valor, solicitude, open handedness, honor, reason, intuition, sagacity, attractiveness, clairvoyance, discretion, compassion
Negative Traits : outspokenness, vacillation, recklessness, carelessness, bad manners, contradiction, dissimulation, cupidity, extravagance, presumption,

laziness, exclusiveness

My Chinese Element
Wood is characterized by the color green. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood's influence affects the liver, the gallbladder and, by extension, the digestion. Wood needs moisture to thrive. Its two opposite yet equally emotional forces are rage and altruism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious.

The winds are shifting for Sagittarians in June. Indeed, it looks as though, they might even be picking you up and carrying you with them. That?s right. Relocation could well be on the docket this month. Your current surroundings have grown stale and perhaps even irritating. A move will be beneficial to both your spirit and your pocketbook. There?s nothing like a fresh new start in a brand new venue to excite the curiosity of a curious Sagittarian. It?s likely that this move is related to your work. Probably a promotion. Be aware that this transition may present some challenges. With increased responsibility come increased stress levels, and with increased stress levels often come strained relationships in your personal life. Sagittarians can be perfectly oblivious to their own exhaustion. You can end up burning energy whilst under immense stress, then slowly sliding into emotional breakdown mode. Your mettle is only so elastic. It finally just says NO. Try not to let any breakdowns happen in June. You have been managing your existential woes for a couple of months now. You should be close to finding some solutions. To avoid crashing and burning, get more sleep than usual and plan your days so you save some non-negotiable downtime just for you, yourself and you. In the new home you will choose, be sure to insist on lots of light and cross ventilation. Sagittarians are winter people. Sunlight and fresh air are required for stability.

Daily Horoscopes For June 23, 2009
You may probably be approached by missionaries of some religious sect. Beware of the danger! The tragic events that have occurred these last years in this field should incite you to extreme caution. Your creativity will reach its peak. Even though your work is not an artistic one, you'll distinguish yourself by your imagination and inventive mind. These two qualities will prove very useful to you this time, whatever your professional activity. Your small health troubles will tend to preoccupy you overly for you'll give them too much importance.

Your conjugal life will risk becoming very agitated; try to reach an understanding with the loved one in order to save your couple. No major health problem, but it will be necessary to control blood circulation and the cholesterol level. You can propose a new project to your superiors or ask them for a pay raise. Show yourself reasonable; it's useless to get yourself in an embarrassing situation in order just to prove something.

Weekly Horoscopes For June 22, 2009 to June 29, 2009
Very good mood. Cloudless sky careerwise. Healthwise, only some heaviness in your legs; lie down a few instants from time to time, with your legs raised. The sense of diplomacy will be very useful to you to solve certain problems which will present themselves: relationships with colleagues, with neighbors, with associates. Betrothals in view; but they'll probably last a long time because of certain difficulties which one of the betrothed will have. Risks of biliary insufficiency, which could cause bad digestion; beware of too fatty foods. You'll have a quick perception of events, which will be beneficial to you in several ways. If you encounter an obstacle in your job, there will be an occasion for you to find a solution of which no one had thought before. In your couple, try to take the other one's desires into account and to settle family matters with tact; don't let money issues tarnish your relations.