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DISCLAIMER: I am not looking to sell you anything, recruit you, introduce you to the next great thing that will make you rich, or none of that stuff. I am here to help. What you do with that is up to you.

ABOUT THIS GROUP: This group is for small business owners with less than 15 employees and annual revenue of less than $500k; small organizations with less than 100 active members; and direct sales representatives, real estate agents and small investors. PLEAS READ THAT AGAIN... i can consult larger companies but that will not be done for free in this group.

My educational background is in Philosophy and Law (I hold Doctorates in both) but I am a Business and Legal consultant and have been for some time. I do not have a business degree, but I have decades of SUCCESSFUL business experience. "Success" for me is bringing in my measly $175k - $250k annually, and not the millions that are regularly promised in these groups.

I don't give advice, I provide information so that you can make your own decisions. I do this professionally, but I decided to start this group because not enough of us come through my office downtown Dallas, but we are always talking about the next multi-million dollar opportunity.

I have been to dozens of networking meetings in the Dallas area and they are always disastrous. Everyone there is trying to talk the next person into "joining their team" instead of just sharing information with one another in the true spirit of "networking". I wanted to do something different. I wanted to create a real forum where we can just chop it up, Black folks to Black folks about the reality of small business and small organizations.

I offer you no get rich quick and easy schemes or methods because in my 30 years in business - THEY DON'T EXIST! Sure, you can catch the next bubble market while it is inflating and cash out before it burst and make out like a fat cat, but that's tantamount to gambling.

This information is 100% FREE that I give in this group, with no strings attached. HOWEVER, I will not provide any actual services for free. In other words, as long as we keep in generic and general I can help. If you need something specific, I would suggest that you contact me yourself outside of Black Planet and we can take it from there. That being said, I don't want for you to assume your question will cross the line into a service so ask and I'll either answer it or explain to you why I cannot answer it.

MLM Representatives: I can help you but I don't want to bump heads with you. If you join this group please do not treat every member like a potential mark. This is not a place for you to advertise your next great "opportunity" that will make everyone "millionaires". Be respectful of other's investments and ventures and most of all - do not try and convince me of how well you are doing because I consult MLM Representatives (mostly Whites) all the time so I know the real deal. FYI - my clients actual make a little money in MLM after I consult them... some times. lol. In all fairness, business itself is hard so I'm not taking shots at MLMs. I've had several businesses that failed and have had several that did great. I owned 4 retail stores that were shut down due to Hurricane Katrina (I'm from New Orleans) and I decided not to rebuild them because of the amount of energy and work it would take. So I know how to fail and how to succeed.

Well, I'm here and you are welcomed to join and share or ask questions and make this group the most productive business group on Black Planet.

NOTE: I WILL BAN ANY ACCOUNT THAT ATTEMPT TO USE THIS FOR ADVERTISING. If I cannot delete your account, I will ask you to leave the group or report your violation the Black Planet.

NOTE: I can use help moderating this group also. If you are interested, let me know. Peace.

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