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and thanks for joining... please make sure u read the first stop for newbies and the rulez..... u could also post a hello on the general board, But, most of all, have some fun!!

As with all groups we have to set out rules for the members. Our main aim is to make this a fun place for all of the members and we ask that you follow these rules to help us maintain that goal.

First and most important, ALL MEMBERS must post at least once in a 4 week period or face membership being canceled, this is to prevent the group from growing stale and becoming boring.

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Are You A Fashion Victim?

For starters, being labeled a "fashion victim" is not a good thing. Most fashion enthusiasts use the expression to criticize a man's dressing style; however, the term takes on different meanings when referring to different people. So what exactly does a fashion victim look like? Read on to find out.

what is a fashion victim?
Below are three definitions of the term "fashion victim." The first definition comes from Karin Eldor, a fellow fashion correspondent at She describes a fashion victim as "someone who takes all the trends of a given time and ends up looking like a store mannequin; in a word, absurd."

The second one is courtesy of a friend of mine, who I consider a sleek dresser. To her, a fashion victim is someone who:

a- only purchases brand-name apparel;
b- is a compulsive shopper;
c- will only consider wearing an item that is "the latest trend," regardless of whether he can pull it off or not.

I found a third definition on a fashion website while researching the expression. The definition states that a fashion victim is "someone who buys an outfit that is perfectly in style, but when he wears it, he looks perfectly ridiculous."

my definition
According to yours truly, the term "fashion victim" encompasses all of the above and more. A fashion victim is someone who wants to be trendy so badly that he'll buy whatever the fashion authorities claim is stylish (at the moment) and then combine it awkwardly, giving him an over-the-top style and making him stick out like a sore thumb... not a good thing.If you spotted a fashion victim on the street this summer, he'd be wearing a pink or yellow T-shirt, white knee-length pants with a pastel colored belt, white and pink flip-flops, and a pair of metallic shields (those sunglasses that look like protective eye gear). The lesson? If you want to look cool, don't overdo it.

A fashion victim is also someone who can't put himself together, whether his threads are worth $50 or $5,000, because he tries so hard to look hip. Don't get me wrong, looking sharp does require a certain amount of effort, but ultimately, your clothes have to fit right, and suit your style, image and personality. Remember, it's not about the clothes you wear -- it's about how you wear them.

Tips on looking your best without looking like a tool
To make matters worse, a fashion victim usually succumbs to social pressure. A good example is someone who catches David Beckham on the Late Show and suddenly feels the urge to go shopping and buy the same ripped jeans, navy blazer and pointy crocodile leather shoes, because Becks looked pretty cool during his interview. Fashion victims are also likely to purchase an expensive suit just because a slick salesman tells them "it's all the rage this season," without even paying attention to how the shoulders fit.

avoid being a fashion victim
Now that you have a better grasp of the concept, here are a couple of pointers to help you avoid being or becoming a fashion victim.Always be yourself Wear what you think looks nice, not what others believe is trendy. You should always feel comfortable with what you're wearing, so stick to items that suit your personality and regular style, while keeping the occasion and setting in mind.

Chances are that if you feel people staring at you every time you wear that "trendy" puffy shirt, or you trip occasionally while wearing your pointy shoes, it's probably because they're not for you. The same goes for flashy colors: if you're not comfortable wearing fuchsia, then don't.

Less is more
Repeat after me: I won't overdo it. That's right, you don't have to wear every single trendy item you own all at once. My suggestion is to buy several trendy pieces every season, and mix and match them with the basics in your wardrobe. It's a cost-effective, safe way to look your best every day.

Maintain balance
Keep a good balance of basic and trendy clothing in your wardrobe. In other words, half your wardrobe should not consist of trendy clothes, or worse, clothes that are out of style.

Before you decide to purchase a new item, ask yourself if you are buying it because it's "in style" or because you genuinely like it. In addition, when it comes to designer goods, ask yourself if you would buy the garment if it didn't have the Lacoste logo on the front pocket. In the end, if you don't really like it, you probably won't be comfortable wearing it and are therefore better off not buying it.

Don't be a sucker for brand names
Another good tip is to avoid referring to your clothes by their designer labels (i.e. "my Boss belt" or "my Diesel Jeans"). By dissociating the item from its manufacturer, you will condition yourself to look at the item itself rather than be swayed by brand names.

Don't be a slave to the media
Don't base your look solely on what you see in magazines and on TV. Celebrities and models often overdo trends for attention, and their flashy attire will likely not translate well for you, in the real world.

Avoid the Zoolander effect
Finally, don't suck in your cheeks to look chiseled and never wear your sunglasses when the sun's not out -- yes, that goes for nightclubs too. Hope this helps.

Until next time, keep on stylin' and don't be a fashion victim.



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Mary J. Blige Rethinks Her Ink

Let me just throw this out there. I'm not a huge fan of tattoos - on men OR women. I admit, I think it's gutsy to get one etched on yourself. I mean - these last FOREVER. As in - the tatto you got of Ricky Martin when you though he was hot will still be on you when you are 80 years old. They may be for some people - and they even look cool on some people - but they aren't for me.

In any case - Mary J. Blige seems to have a bit of -- regret about HER tattoos. Apparently - the Grammy winning singer recently requested that Redbook magazine airbrush her skin art (one on each arm) out of her May covershot before it was sent to the printer.
Look at her - she's gorgeous. Now think about how the shot would look with the tattoos. What's your take on it?