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The purpose of this group is to invite and engage dialogue on issues affecting the Black community as a whole. Topics such as "The Importance of an education", "The breakdown of the Black family structure", "Taking responsibility in our personal endeavors and stop blaming other people for our misfortunes", and other topics members would like to mention.

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Do you believe the time has come for us to stop paying "lip service" to progress? Here's what you CAN do:

There is a new message regarding Truth, Purpose, Unity & Freedom for our people, that is too big to weigh down anyone's forum, but you should read it?

More importantly, you should look at the information and test it in whatever manner you see fit, to see if it can and will work for you.

This will be the first step in not only waking you up, but actually empowering you to do something effective for yourself and your people.

Do you believe the time has come for us to stop paying lip service to progress? Then please add your comments on my Guestbook to let me know what your findings are on this data, and how you see yourself uniting in this new movement of Awareness and Freedom.

I am asking you to come expose yourself to this information, check it out, verify it, do whatever you need to do, but START your thought process at the highest level that God INTENDED for you: to BE and DO and HAVE your life as a totally FREE person.

YOU. Personally, intimately, even though ALL our lives are linked (and lumped) together: we ARE in this together! It will take plenty of us pulling together in the SAME direction to make productive headway.

That is ALL that matters; I don't care WHO you "are" the reason I would prefer to interact with you within my own profile is so I can control the detractors who have taken to trying to start petty fights in an effort to prevent YOU from accessing this data: they would try to intimidate you into not wanting to "get in the middle of someone else's mess." Well, that is THEIR mess, not yours (of mine). We don't have to play such small minded games: there is a lot of positive and productive things we can do with our energy.

I will do all I can so you will understand that the principles you will find intimately pertain to YOU, and that your people's survival directly relates to your survival, and hopefully raise your responsibility level and willpower and skills and training so that you can fight of the lies, manipulations, oppressive and exploitve practices that shackle us now.

I am posting this topic on all the major progressive and political forums on Black Planet including

A Think Tank For Us
Ancient Egyptian - Nubian Religion & Beliefs
Black History As Told By Us
Black Teachers of Black Planer United
City Councils against the "N" Word
For Change
Powerful Minds
S.O.U.L. (Sons Of Unfinish Liberty)
Serious Black Issues
And other fourms⿦

I hope each of these forum leaders allows this vitally important message to remain, and they lead the way in not only checking the information out, but commenting and directing the people they know and influence to become aware of this as well.

The time has come. All we have is us. You are the only one that can control your actions. When enough of us can each take little small responsibility to see to it that at least we cover OUR end of the deal, we can at last make real progress forward as a people.

Bringing the Light of Truth to Wake You Up and Set You Free,

Christopher N⿿Nambi Kincey-Kamau
Paramount Chief,
Nigritian Consulate Administration