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This is a forum where we as indivuals come and absolutely speak there mind, somtimes in a relatonship we hold back unable to say what it is we really want to say well here you can do it. We will create that situation and let you get everything off of your chest that you need to. Since this is a new forum members for the most part will not be available, but it as membership increases we will have more membershop participation. We want to help no mattter how young or old we still are a village. Please I invite you to join and what ever is bothering you "Let"s Get It On". Love & Peace to all.

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The election how do truly feel?


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Life is a beautiful thing, made of choices some good some bad, of course it plays out in our life as different things. Happy in marriage, sad and alone, in debt. If we think about it, it was all choices and beyond our control. Have a great weekend.



Today is a very positive day, as everyday should be, I have learned that life is really not that difficult if it is war you want from life, life says bring it on, if it's love, happiness and peace if also offers you that as well, in both csses we have to learn how to get it and it starts by listening to yourself. I think we need to plant the seed of positivity by telling yourself each and everyday you love yourself. All the negative thoughts, people you need to eliminate the people will be easier to eliminate and you just tell them I'm trying to make some positive changes in my life and sometimes you can be very negative so at this time in my life I'm gonna have to cut you off until you can become positive. (At this time this may take some explanation but be prepared). The thought process will be a little more difficult because you can view something and immediately have a negative reaction but you have to be able to put it in a positive perspective. No one has really put anything on this forum which is ok, it maybe just working for me.



Obama is holding his own, the election had it troubles but I think we prevailed. If you voted regardless of who you voted for. You can't complain if you don't vote, I believe the true race has started and I beg of every one to please do the research for the candidates, remember they say what you want to hear, but we need someone who can hear what we have to say. Keep hope alive, if you can percieve it you can believe it. Let's not read in black and white but in color.