The Society of Forner Slaves and Free Men

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It is the mission of the group, The Society of Former Slaves and Free Men is to make relevant and quality education of African American History a vital and visible part of the community. We aspire to embrace the concepts of our history through affordable and accessible means which can support economic growthin all communities. We encourage all to take responsibility for their learning. Through the inspiration and education, we hope that everyone will see that our efforts involve learning to love one another and our responsibillity to inspire in all a love for Christ and a consciousness fo their duties to God and all human mankind. In all of our endeavors we hope to create an awareness of achieving justice and eminince in all of our people through a new found relationship with God. We are about eradicating slavery all over the world, not only in America. We plan our first major project to be January1, 2013, where we will declare New Year's Day as African American Freedom Day. For on that day, we will celebrate the 150th year anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves. In celebrating this event, we are commissioning one million churches and congregations in the United States and internationally, to come together and pray. We want to offer our thanks to God, for it was by his mighty hand that the slaves were freed, as they prayed on that New Year's Eve night 150 years ago. That night was known as Freedom's Eve. We would like to recreate that moment in time to redirect our attention to God and his desires for his chosen people. We are soliciting everyone from the east coast to the west coast, the north to the south, all islands where slavery was done, and any other territories to participate in this memorable event. We ask that all clergy make their congregations aware of this event during their sermons leading up to that day. We ask you to join our group by emailing your name, email address, church attended, city and state to THESOCIETY1863@GMAIL.COM. OR YOU CAN CALL TOLL FREE TO 1-888-569-0060 AND LEAVE THIS INFORMATION. Presently there are chapers of this group in Atlanta, Georgia and the other in Hamden, Connecticut with the anticipation of many more being formed. Our slogan states that it was by God's hand that the Black man was taken from the slave house to the White House. Amen. We owe God all the praise and glory!..Therefore, also as a part of our mission, we hope to redirect our thinking back to God, for it is by his will and power that all things can happen. Please join us in The Society of Former Slaves and Free Men in helping to redirect our minds to where is the Black man and his responsibility to himself, his family, his community and his country.Considering the many hardshiips that the Black man and woman have endured, one should understand that it was our relationship with God that we were able to overcome. The Society of Former Slaves and Free Men need and solicit your support. Barbara Ash President Linwood Branham Minister of Information

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The Society of Free Men and Former Slaves is still actively seeking members to join this nonprofit organization. We see the profound need to try to bring our people back to realization, to love one another and to truly understand that it does take a village to raise a child. We are about education, inspiration and many other aspects of our Black brothers and sisters that need much attention. We are losing ourselves, daily, to the wishes of some other groups of people who are seeking our demise. If you are interested in bringing back, love, joy, peace, happiness to our race let's join together and see what can be done to educate our people.

We need to let it be known that we are a people about business. We are a people who love God, and realize that it was he that hath made us in his image. It is by his grace that ALL things are possible, if you would only believe.

Please join the society by sending your name, email address, church name and location to AAFREEDOMDAY@GMAIL.COM OR TO THESOCIETY1863@GMAIL.COM, O