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Hello welcome to Women Care Group101 (wcg101) Non Profit Peer to peer social networking and charity giving program. This is a group formed to help poor women world wide of course men are invited to join. If you are wondering how you will get out of your present situation e.g you are out of job and your bank account is empty, you are owing your rent and you need to buy a present for you son or daughters wedding then this group is for you. You are broke and you desperately need a push to start your own business and you hate your present job the list is endless but to cut the story short you have come to the right page you are here because you are meant to be. We here are christens and we believe in giving to the needy but we welcome any religion and any nationality to join us. We don?t care what your beliefs or are we just want to help and show love to humanity why? Because that is why I started this charity in the first place , that?s right you are reading a massage from the president and founder of Women Care group101 so wipe your tears join me let's end the hold of poverty and ridicule , Come all lets end the tiny cruel voice in your head that said it can?t be done ! , I am telling you today by the power of God that it can be done if you work with me and keep to the strict rules. The rules is simply be honest and share with others what you are going through and don?t forget to follow our internet safety rules to avoid being scammed. Keep reading to learn how our power of giving works. HOW IT WORKS: The is meant for members who are interested in either seeking for a micro-loan or donations to solve their various problems such as business investment, educational, traveling and holiday vacation, health reasons, social gathering , wedding party or other projects e.t.c. The social peer to peer charity giving program wcg101 members will donate any amounts of money to WCG101-PTPSNACGP purse which in turn will be giving to the member seeking for fund. Before you will be fully registered as a member you must like all our facebook pages, reason is to create as much membership and fans so we can easily spread our act of giving through you. You must add your real life friends to join you will share the page as much as possible so that we will have more members who are interested to join for help or to donate. Its easy just invites your close friend to the group through your email or facebook with this page which is our members page ask your friends to request for add and that?s it / this are our fans pages copy paste links in you browser / HOW PEER TO PEER FUND WORKS: WCG101-PTPSNACGP works when members decided to donate for a particular case within the members this decisions will be entirely based how crucial the request is and we will then decide on whose need is most urgent before we issue the money donated for PTPSNACGP we donate to all who need help as much as possible. The only thing you need to remember is you are not the only one who needs help and it will make a great different if you respect others needs . Be patient every one is important. DO YOU DESERVE IT? We have discovered a more information geared specifically towards people suffering a broken heart over a break-up or career wise,abuse e.t.c While this information is good and useful, at some point we realize that creating a space where we will bring together people from all works of life will be nice in other to do this we created this group page. If you are looking for a place to get healing through prayers, we are willing to listen to you. These questions and more will be addressed in this four part series designed to help people recover from heartbreaks. Contact us to share your stories..

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Women Care Group101 is inviting you to join her group. Before you join us please read this .

This charity was founded to help anyone in need of a help no matter your color or religious belief we consider everyone as a friend. In recent times we have discovered that when social networking has helped countless numbers of people achieve results therefore we have decided to create this group where any one with information or wishing to join us and help the needy. No matter what we do lets us all member that without love their will be no life!


No matter your faith a little help will go a long way to help those in need.


If you are wealthy spare a little for those who have nothing nada zero⿦ Donate now no matter how small! Visit charities in your community and donate..


So many people have no home and so they end up sleeping in the street⿿s even so they get driven by pedestals and shop owner who feels they are occupying their business area.. Join us lets give them a home of their own.

World food program is doing amazing this feeding kids and people all over the world please go to their link and Donate no matter how small or you can donate to here for our feed the kids program..


Do you have cloths you no longer find appealing donate them now they are treasure to so many women and children who lack cloths and shoes..


Blankest is a life saver send your old blankest and shield poor from cold..


If you have come here to get help you have come to the right place.

Important notice !

Under no condition should you give your personal information to any one here if you do, you do so at your own risk.

Wcg101 welcome you all .