LIFE INTO A DREAM! (the art of seducing people)

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What's it like when you, be thankful for somthing or someone like when you are walking to school & one of your class stops & and not only picks you up but tells you that theyv'e been wanting to do stuff with you for a long time. Your happy to be shown so much concern and attention, you feel a little lucky that they used their attention for you in such a good way. And you think i wouldn't trade this action, what they did for me, for anything else that i could've asked for, for this particular situation. You are full of satifaction from what a person did For you..................................................................... YOU DREAM OF DOING REAL REAL THINGS RIGHT !?

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Christian applications to L.I.A.D.

This being being a way of life it is important the all activities and principles be sound and parallel with Strong morals and Christian beliefs (if you are not a question then get the hell out).

All the techniques and training are specified under the laws of christian morality and for you. (you won't discover one aspect of this group that implies or embellishes pagan craft. If thats what you seek naturally then get the hell out).

OUR GROUP MOTTO IS "to each his own with guidance, acceptance, and support from all that which is god law abiding in us!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

~~~~~ LEVELS & RANKS ~~~~~


<><><><&g t;<><><>< ><><><>&l t;><><><> <><><><
junior level 0 pnts -- 56 pnts
1 wk for a brightness girl 2mnths for a colorful ways 6mnths for a Highly fascinated

sophomore level 56pnts -- 112 pnts
1 wk for a brightness girl 2mnths for a colorful ways 6mnths for a Highly fascinated

senior level 112 pnts -- 200 pnts
1 wk for a brightness girl 2mnths for a colorful ways 6mnths for a Highly fascinated

<><><><&g t;<><><>< ><><><>&l t;><><><> <><>><>&l t;>><><

2-10-100-1000 1000 numbers for RANKS

Justin Cong 23 - 22 made boss go out whith him and local group member
Chris M. 37 - 30 completed a music album accompanied by lucrative producer
Mr. Dc 54 - 51 has made up with his mother and prides his family
Chucky 58 - 54 has a low budget movie in production. Story, actors and actres
Hawn 78 - 69 Group staff....
Bally E. 90 - 88 works exonerably at all group task with a Zealous

Mrs. Magic 22 - 21 has CROSSED and is the leader of her 11 person group of....
Dershawn L. 54 - 49 participated in a Group involvement with brillance 3rd time
Howy 67 - 58 pioneering a designer clothes line 1st Season 10,000$ budget
Pamela 83 - 67 graduating University N L top of class, using SED. highly
during internship
Stacey 234-220 is getting married to a college grad.
Keisha T. 711-600 relocated to live with another befriended group member Reagan
D. showing strong daily routine.

2-10 genius, 10-100 brightguy/ brightness girl, 100-800 colorful ways, 800-1000/1400H.F.F

Get into the top ranks.
You make the promotion! We give you the friend, the support, and see your direction to be applied to the big picture.
Your rank dictates your projects lucrativeness.
All of the ranks except for the SKIDDING 400 are involved in Elite projects.
Fall low enough and you will fall right out of the bottom of our group!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

What you should know about this thing of ours....

The club provides you support! We will be there to help you, but you must apply yourself. Only you can do that, but your not going to be able to go this transition by yourself.
(Trust me I've went through the MAstering Of tHE aRT alone & I wish that there was some group there to help me!)

The idea to get you to THE LEVEL is coexisting whith the pride you should experience just with being a part of this. It's (the training) all loosely based on the concept that group members may coperate with another group identified group member that is alien and new to them, while maintaing liberties and personal aminemity. ( the def. of AMINEMITY means the right to keep your identity undisclosed or the ability to keep yourself unexposed to participation in an outer inquiry.)

So this bit of information ============================== ===='s

When your asking how the group is helping you, or why we're doing somthing like chatting in an Low traffic chat room... BIG APPEAL <'s LITTLE APPEAL you have to make it what it is PERIOD.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~