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    July 12, 2008

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Walk together children, Don't you get weary!


I’m Groverle of America…..a gay writer and author of the novel


“Yearning To Touch the Sky”.



Although I live today in the middle of Europe, I am an African American, who was born and raised in a small town in the American Deep South. It was a racist, sexist, homophobic and class-oriented barbaric place, where a bunch of mad men and women lived....who believed in one God, one religion, one nation, one tribe and one race. I realized very early of age that some folks have a deficient idea of justice and fairness, believing that justice is meant only for themselves. This realization motivated me to write my book, “Yearning To Touch The Sky”.

What is the story about and for whom have I written this book, you ask? Let me give to you a brief account of an incident, which occurred to me when I moved to Germany to live.

I decided to go shopping alone one day. As I approached the cashier, the woman behind the cash register, who had a Sauer-kraut face, stared at me as if the say “dirty !!!???, what are you doing here.” I ignored her and paid. The women, instead of placing the change into my opened hand, threw the coins across the counter. A feeling of déjà vu occurred. I felt as if I was in the south again, in Amerikkka. I slowly gathered the coins together into my hand. Then I pointed my finger into the woman’s face and told her, “the next time you throw my money across the counter, you will seriously regret it!” The next day, I purposely went back to the store to shop and the same woman was sitting at the same cash register. She smiled at me as I paid and then she placed the change into my hand this time, wishing me a pleasant day. I returned to this store several times to make sure that this woman would not forget me. After awhile, I noticed that all the employees in the store were extremely polite to me. Obviously this German woman had spoken to her colleagues and I assume that she told them to be careful with this “black man”, if they did not want to have a fight on their hands. The point of the anecdote is that I had to fight just to be treated like a human being…that I had to fight for a right, to fight for my worth!

My book  "Yearning  To Touch The Sky" has been written, therefore, for those who have to constantly fight for their worth as human beings. It is a comical fable about culture, home and identity. I am sure that if you are gay or heterosexual, or if you live in the African Diaspora, or if you just want to learn how to be more tolerant, you will find these themes to be very important.None of us are born tolerant!

An old African proverb says: Only when you have crossed the river, can you say the crocodile has a lump on his snout. Well, I would like to invite you to cross a river of sorts and to read my novel. It is on the market and can be purchased over internet (amazon or Barnes and Nobles) or at your local bookstore.

Stay on the wings of love,

Groverle of America