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    September 21, 2008

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    Raleigh, NC

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, White

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    Puerto Rican

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Hey everybody first off my name is Hesire!!! Just a little advice if you put a message with your friend request more than likely I won't read it so please send me a real message... Umm... FIRST OFF I'm a real chyll person I get along with everybody until you piss me off... DON'T STEP TO ME WRONG PLEASE!!!! I DON'T HAVE SEX WITH JUST ANYBODY... I welcome everybody even Haterz cuz ya'll the ones thats OBSESSED with me not the other way around! I HATE DRAMA so please don't bring that to the table I got enough as it is... I'm 23 no kids no STD's have a job as a Pastry Chef/Cake Decorator and live in Raleigh, NC .Anything else you would like to know feel free to hit me up!!! OH act like you have manners and respect for females when you talk to me cuz i'm the type of female who will tell you what i feel even if it hurts you and me!!!

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