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    J. Cartel was born in Queens NY and raised in Long Island, from an early age was exposed to a wide spectrum of music. Music is always a big part of his life from mom and pop making salsa, Merengue and Cumbia mixtapes to play for their friends at the next household gathering, to his brothers making hip hop, r&b, and freestyle mixtapes to bump in the car. But it was hip hop music that he fell in love with at an early age as he recalls to the first grade. I was the only kid reciting word for word song lyrics from Cypress Hill, House of Pain, leaders of the new school and Gang Starr while everybody else was singing Rick Cherette bubble gum in my shoe stuff. I was watching Ed Lover and Dr. Dre on Yo MTV raps while everyone else was watching Barney but it was after watching the movie Juice that J. Cartel gained a burning desire to DJ, he states. It was crazy when juice came out, I went with my brothers to see it in the theaters and when I saw DJ Gee-Q a.k.a. Omar Epps cutting and scratching on the 1's and 2's I just knew at that moment that I wanted to be a DJ but I never knew how...and at that age who does.... years later when he entered his teens he frequently saw the movie until finally he went out and got a job, started saving and with help from brothers bought his first DJ set and that is when his road to being the young super star J. Cartel began. It's been seven years since that time and a long rocky road that has been traveled by few. In that time he has spun at major clubs like Webster Hall, Pacha, Duvet, Deep and Exit and has made more than 25 mix tapes within the last year. Creating a name for himself as one of the hottest mixtape and club DJ's on the east coast, while being one of the founding members of hood riot music inc. A new multimedia independent record label. From the club to the studio J. Cartel spins all genre's of music from hip hop, r&b, reggae, reggaeton and latin to rock, freestyle, pop and mash ups with a twist all his own and produces mix tapes with a unique and creative flow that sets him apart from the masses. His climb to the top of the DJ game is far from over but it is undeniable that his drive and creative talent will take him to the top. Remember the name...THE YOUNG SUPERSTAR J-CARTEL THE STRONG ISLAND KID"

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