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    October 07, 2007

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    Black/African American

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I'm a grouchy old chick some of the time - hormones, I suppose. I'm happy with myself and I'm really enjoying life right now. I love my job, I finally have my own little place after living with someone.

I'm not in a relationship - I am sleeping with a nice guy, but we both know this is not a forever thing although he's a sweetheart, he's quite a bit younger than I and it doesn't really make sense on paper.

I roller skate and get into open mic night at the Green Apple in East Point. I've been writing my novel for the last few years - I'm almost there.I read all the time - usually Scifi, but I can get into almost everything.

I'm not at all religious, although I'm willing to attend a service if invited. I'm not a Christian anymore but I'm a good and honorable person.

I live in Jonesboro, a suburb of Atlanta - I call my development "the projects" but I'm happy.

What's up with these horrible names on BP? "6969" Oral King" and other crap like this, especially from dudes my age look hella-desperate to me. If your name is nasty, don't IM me - I don't want a tongue that's been in everybody's bootie. Yuck!

I have a weblog: that I update a couple of times per week.

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