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    February 26, 2006

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    jamille dorsey

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    Bachelor's Degree

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    Computers, Software

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    Lakeland, FL

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    Black/African American

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what it do,what it do all my blackplanet folks dis ya boy jamille b.k.a lil diddy from mound bayou mississippi yep im reppin the south to the fullest but an way i guess yall would like to know something bout ya boy so here it is im 29, i have a son named kaleb that my lil nigga i attend mississippi valley state where im takin up computer science an information services yep ya boy got a good head on his shoulders tryin to get that money yall i like chillin with my boys[when i get time] like goin to the movies,on the computer,goin to the mall[cause ya boy got to stay duggie fresh ya know,i like goin to the clubs but thats not too often cause these young %#&@$! niggas dont know how to have fun anymore so i mainly just kick it with the fellas an drank,talk %#&@$!,crack jokes an take my %#&@$! home,i love some sex yall not that its all i think bout but its a big big part of my thoughts i also love sports everything but baseball that %#&@$! sucks i guess thats bout it.oh im also what you call a p.b.t thats a pretty boy thug i dress real nice an i keep a hair cut at all time but at the same time i will beat a niggas %#&@$! if he get wrong at any time,im always down for a good fight an while you are lookin at my page go an rate my pic as it stands i am a 6.2 now but i think i can do better than that so show some love at rate my pic an i also just started a group called freaky %#&@$! folks so join that if you are freaky than you got to join but if not we got room for you too so everyone is welcome there an i got some tight plans for my group so you dont want to miss out.thats about it so get at ya boy sometimesid="rate_me_photo"> ;

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