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Westinghouse Electric Company There is a new Westinghouse Electric Company today. It`s a Company built on a heritage of technical excellence with the promise of an exciting future. The people of today`s Westinghouse are focused on delivering clean, safe and economical energy worldwide -- on supplying the technology and equipment necessary for the growth of nations. To deliver energy worldwide - our core businesses - need competent, well-trained employees. Today`s Westinghouse employs scientists and engineers of all disciplines, as well as support personnel in marketing, accounting and other important disciplines. Westinghouse is a growing presence in the global marketplace - we are working to increase our market share and to introduce our products to markets we have not previously served. As we redirect our business strategies to match the competitive realities of the marketplace, we also are making fundamental changes within the company to demonstrate our resilience, our strengths, and our potential for the future. As we strive for growth and earnings, Westinghouse remains dedicated to provide its products and services, and to conduct its global operations in an environmentally sound, socially responsible manner. This includes considering the impact of our actions on the environment as well as the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, customers, and the public. In support of this policy, Westinghouse will incorporate an environmental perspective at each level of its decision-making process; protect and enhance its customers` environmental reputations by developing and providing environmentally sound products and services; and provide a safe and healthful environment for its employees and the public. Our businesses, and the way we operate them, represent the future of Westinghouse. We`re moving into that future with employees who are highly motivated and fully comitted to doing what`s necessary to make our Company great. Through new initiatives, we will ensure that Westinghouse leadership generates the management intensity necessary to create an environment where that commitment can flourish. The pride and loyalty of our employees are among our most valuable assets and one of the main reasons we can be optimistic about our future.

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