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By solving some of the most complex and fascinating challenges facing our nation today, APL has become one of the most reputable and reliable research and development laboratories in the industry. Our outstanding creative staff and world-class facilities have made the Laboratory a major asset to the nation for almost six decades.

Working on high-visibility projects in any of our 200 different programs, your knowledge and ideas could help to land a satellite on an asteroid; develop technology to protect the country against threats of biological warfare; or create an MRI probe to help astronauts combat harmful levels of microgravity and space radiation. In these projects and more, you can turn your ideas into reality. APL collaborates with NASA, the US Navy, Army, Air Force, the Departments of Transportation and Treasury, DARPA and six other government agencies to achieve dependable and innovative solutions. Projects run from basic research to full-scale operational testing, through all phases of project life cycles. APL fulfills a full range of sponsor needs from long-term systems development and evaluation to developing quick-reaction missions and rapid prototypes for specific needs.

Once you experience the 365-acre, campus-like setting at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), you’ll see why our dedicated employees are so driven and satisfied. APL understands the value of education and career development. We support continuing education for all our employees with tuition reimbursement or pre-pay for approved classes. APL also conducts seminars and 450 network-based training courses, grants educational leave and can help you to rework your schedule to attend both work and class comfortably. Along with educational benefits comes our enticing travel benefits. Our employees have the exciting opportunity to see the results of their hard work onboard a navy ship at sea, in a submarine submerged in the ocean or at Cape Canaveral for space mission launches. And with our great diversity of projects and tasks, flexible hours, a 401(k) plan and plenty of room for internal growth, it’s no wonder why our employees remain so fulfilled.

APL offers an environment that encourages innovation through thought and action. Visit our Web site at www.jhuapl.edu

"APL is an equal Opportunity Employer and we value diversity in our workforce"



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