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A diversified high-technology research and engineering company based in San Diego, California, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) offers a broad range of expertise in technology development and analysis, computer system development and integration, technical support services, and computer hardware and software products. SAIC scientists and engineers work to solve complex technical problems in the areas of national and homeland security, energy, the environment, health care, space, and logistics.


Founded by a small group of scientists in 1969, SAIC, a Fortune 500 company, now ranks as the largest employee-owned research and engineering firm in the nation. SAIC and its subsidiaries have more than 45,000 employees with offices in over 150 cities worldwide.


SAIC is a foremost research and development company, a top systems integrator and a leader in information technology, eSolutions, and information security.


Since its beginning, SAIC has had a strong commitment to making significant contributions to programs of national importance. SAIC employees do research in areas like remote sensing and unmanned autonomous vehicles. Their work ranges from making medical breakthroughs to protecting vital information systems from break-ins and is used to help protect our ports and borders, our troops, and our communities. It is used to improve the health of our planet and to explore the reaches of space and the depths of the ocean.


SAIC credits employee ownership for the continuous success of the company. The hallmark of SAIC through the years has been the principle that those who contribute to the company should own it, and ownership should be commensurate with employee contribution and performance as much as feasible. From the start, SAIC has been designed for professional people who want to perform superior scientific and technical work, who want to have a stake and a voice in the company's development and direction, and who expect fair rewards for doing excellent work. SAIC's successful track record demonstrates that employee ownership creates the incentives and the environment for excellence and growth.


Our entrepreneurial culture attracts motivated, talented people. SAIC encourages competitive excellence and growth by giving employees the freedom to develop businesses related to their professional interests. Those who take initiative, who think and act like owners, thrive in SAIC's unique environment.


SAIC's environment encourages employees to meet the highest standards of quality and ethical conduct, to grow professionally, and to reap the rewards of ownership in a thriving and growing company that values workforce diversity and provides


- Employee ownership
- Training
- Benefits
- Awards and recognition

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