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What’s it like working for Philips?

Whatever function you perform, the working philosophy of Philips remains the same. We believe in stimulating your personal and professional growth so that you enjoy working as part of our team and find great job satisfaction. We are looking for people who are keen to help improve the quality of everyday life through meaningful innovations.

We like to challenge you while giving you the freedom to develop your talents as a whole. You need to be willing to take ownership of your projects and feel accountable for delivering superior results. This involves engaging with other members of your team in an open, honest and sincere way, inspiring others and creating positive energy in both individual and groups.

 The rewards are great. You’ll be able to use and grow your talents in multi-disciplinary and often international teams. You’ll receive clear responsibilities and recognition for your contributions. You’ll be part of a company that is continuing to achieve success through market-driven innovations in healthcare, lighting and lifestyle. And you can be sure we’ll support you to achieve a healthy work-life balance throughout your career with us.

Our Brand Promise

We empower people to benefit from innovation by delivering on our brand promise of “Sense and Simplicity”.
This brand promise encapsulates our commitment to deliver solutions that are advanced, easy to use, and designed around the needs of all our users. These may be individuals, professionals or communities, so we involve them throughout the research and development process.


Our groundbreaking A Simple Switch campaign clearly illustrates Philips’ commitment to sustainability and towards creating a greener future for us all. The campaign is built around the idea that each individual has the power to help stop climate change by switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs at home or at work. Visit to find out how you can join. 


We believe that a happy customer who returns time after time is one of the most valuable assets we have. That’s the basis of our transformation from a technology-driven company into a market-driven organization. Our new NPS (Net Promoter Score, tool helps us to gauge whether our customers would recommend a certain product to their friends, relatives or colleagues. This enables us to keep checking we’re on the right track. 


Since our earliest beginnings, we’ve concentrated on bringing meaningful innovations to life. We remain dedicated to the belief that the path to true growth comes from making products that genuinely meet people’s needs. Take a look at where that has brought us so far.

Our Values

Four values are at the core of everything we do, they have been with us since the start of our company. You will recognize them in how we deal with each other, how we make decisions and set priorities. They determine what we belief in and what we want to encourage and recognize.

We express our values as follows:

  • Delight customers
    We anticipate and exceed customer expectations by creating superior customer experiences based on deep insights. We do this by focusing continually on “Sense and Simplicity”, and act as “One Philips” ambassadors all the time.
  • Deliver great results
    We continually raise the bar, playing to win and setting ourselves ambitious targets. By challenging the status quo, we are free to experiment in new ways to achieve exciting and unexpected results. Throughout it all, we take clear decisions and implement them with speed and discipline.
  • Develop people
    We get the best from ourselves and each other by attracting the best players to create strong and diverse teams. We also take risks by stretching people with assignments that accelerate their development, and invest significant time to coach and recognize our employees.
  • Depend on each other
    We deliver more value by working together as “One Philips”. We trust and empower each other to contribute our best, forming teams and allocating resources to the most promising opportunities.


It's this spirit of development, teamwork, cooperation and high ambitions that makes it possible to offer you exciting work, a positive environment, and consistent recognition and growth.


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