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At Wendy's, diversity serves us well.

In a very real sense, Wendy's has a world of diversity.

After all, we haven't grown to 6,600 restaurants, including 350 international Wendy's restaurants, without also having a "universe" of Wendy's team members - people of nearly every conceivable background, culture, ethnicity, nationality, field of interest, and so many of the other characteristics that make the human family fascinating and diverse. Indeed, the people of Wendy's reflect the tremendous diversity of our much larger customer base.

The global Wendy's team is a remarkable example of the ability of many thousands of people - a vast mosaic of human differences and individuality - to function as one cohesive whole, bound together by a single unity of purpose: to provide Wendy's customers, everywhere they are, with the consistency of food and service quality associated with the Wendy's name.

Nor does diversity at Wendy's refer only to our employees and customers. It also encompasses our suppliers and franchisees. In hiring, retention and promotion from within, as well as in business practices, Wendy's is dedicated to concepts of diversity, inclusiveness and fairness. Treating everyone with respect is one of the core values that traces back to our founder, Dave Thomas. It's a value as vital and influential today as at our company's inception in 1969.

From an employment perspective, perhaps the essence of diversity at Wendy's is best expressed by one simple equation: diversity equals opportunity. Opportunity is basically what Wendy's, as an employer, offers - to people with a strong work ethic, a commitment to treating others well, a personal dedication to honesty, integrity and teamwork, and an appreciation for the importance of giving back to the community.

At Wendy's, we have made a nearly 40-year history of finding such people, and indeed they are diverse.

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