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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company


We believe that a key component of making Progressive a great place to work is each of us understanding and welcoming our differences and similarities — people with different backgrounds and experiences bring important perspectives to Progressive's business challenges and thinking. Crucial to sustaining Progressive's unique culture is having an organization where everyone who works here feels like they are part of one community, which is also consistent with our Core Values.

As expressed in Progressive’s diversity statement, we think that hiring people who bring added diversity to our work force is important to our future. With a diverse work force, we all benefit — and so do our customers.  There’s something unique going on here; something you won’t find at other companies in the insurance (or any other) industry; something truly Progressive – and we want you to be part of it.

You are celebrated for the person you are, the ideas you bring, and the energy you invest.


Our Diversity and Inclusion Mission


A diverse team and inclusive work culture are assets that help drive our success in the marketplace and make Progressive a great place to work.

 By including and respecting skilled people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, we’re ideally positioned to capture valuable perspectives, make strategic advances, meet our customers’ needs, and attract top talent.


More specifically, we’re committed to...


a diverse workforce that represents the broad scope of our society and more intuitively responds to our customers with trustworthy service, authentic marketing messages, and relevant product development.

 an inclusive way of doing business that respects one another’s differences, values alternative ways of thinking and making decisions, and encourages collaboration and idea-sharing through an accessible and comfortable environment.


 Through this commitment, we will always be competitive in the marketplace and meet the needs of our stakeholders.

 Since 1937, Progressive has been in the business of exceeding expectations. Every day, our talented employees put our core values into action; living the Golden Rule, serving our customers with Excellence and Integrity, and focusing on achieving our Objectives and realizing the Profitability that ensures our shared success.


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