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"I came to Macy`s during the Christmas season 14 years ago. I planned to work only for a short while but then was asked to stay with the company long-term. I liked the people that I worked with and the atmosphere, which is why I decided to stay."
Patty - Sales Associate

There`s nothing small about Macy`s East. We operate big stores (including the world`s largest on Herald Square in New York City). We host spectacular events (such as the Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade and New York`s Fourth of July Fireworks). We have exciting plans for continued growth of the business. And we expect high performance from our workforce of more than 28,000 people.

Surprisingly, however, Macy`s East can also be an intimate place to work, with one-on-one mentoring, small group training and development, local team decision-making, and extensive communications.

Headquartered in New York City. Macy`s East is Federated`s largest operating division, with 95 stores in 13 states from Maine to Puerto Rico. We are a significant retailing presence in many major East Coast markets, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Closely integrated with our stores is the e-commerce site.

As a division of Federated Department Stores, Inc., Macy`s East is supported by its own organization, including sales and sales support, store management and regional operations, buying, planning, loss prevention, marketing, visual merchandising and human resources. We are an integral component of the nationwide Macy`s team. We closely coordinate our efforts with Federated`s other Macy`s regional store divisions - Macy`s Central (based in Atlanta), Macy`s Florida (Miami), Macy`s Northwest (Seattle) and Macy`s West (San Francisco) - to bring fashion and affordable luxury to our customers across America.

You`ll find our stores in the best retail locations. They provide interesting and distinctive merchandise assortments, outstanding shopping experiences, and prices that deliver value to our customers.

As Macy`s, our actions are guided by a distinctive philosophy for doing business. We take good care of our customers ... develop and respect our employees as individuals ... work together as a team ... support our communities ... hold ourselves to a high ethical standard ... and take pride in generating outstanding results.

Community service and diversity are important tenants of our culture. We give back through charitable contributions, employee volunteerism (including fun and worthwhile projects in which everyone can participate), and event sponsorships. Our stores mirror the diverse marketplace they serve. Thus, we are an inclusive company that embraces differing points of view, provides opportunity for everyone to succeed, and encourages work/life balance. This helps us to develop leaders while also achieving a high level of success.

Some things about a company you just can`t really know until you talk to people on the inside. Enter our virtual world and get a behind-the-curtain peek inside life at Macy`s East. What you really want to know is simple - how do the people who live and breathe retailing and who drive our business every day think and feel about their career at Macy`s East?

So we`ve talked to our people from the sales floor to the merchandising offices to our sales support areas, requesting eleven of our employees to share their experiences with you. We`ve asked the tough questions to get to the heart of what you really want to know. And they talked, openly and candidly, about how they joined the company, how they feel about their work, and what they see in the future.

The associates you will meet in our spotlights work in a variety of disciplines ... bring different perspectives to the table ... come from diverse backgrounds ... and have unique histories with our company. In the details, their stories are very different. But in the overall Macy`s East experience, they are strikingly similar.

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