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Modell's Sporting Goods, Inc

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MODELL`S SPORTING GOODS is the nation`s largest family-owned sporting goods chain, operating 120 stores throughout the Northeastern United States, from the New York metropolitan area to the Mid-Atlantic states. Modell`s offers value and quality customer service together with a wide variety of sporting goods, athletic and active apparel and footwear for the entire family.

In 1889, Morris Modell opened the first Modell`s store on Cortlandt Street in Manhattan. Since then, four generations of the Modell family have owned and operated the retail chain expanding it from 4 stores in 1963 to 120 stores today. Modell`s has a reasoned but opportunistic expansion strategy and believes substantial opportunities exist for further growth, on the level of 10 to 15 stores per year, in the New York, Delaware, Philadelphia, New England and Washington, DC metropolitan areas, together with northern and central New Jersey.

Seeing one Modell`s Sporting Goods store does not mean that you have seen them all. Unlike many other large retail chains, Modell`s does not have a standard store format. Instead, Modell`s employs an approach, which takes into account the uniqueness of each store`s location, customer base, and store layout. Many of Modell`s stores utilize a stadium format and are designed to pay homage to local sports heroes and traditions. For example, Modell`s Bay Parkway store in Brooklyn, New York is a tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers and features Brooklyn Dodgers` memorabilia and a replica of the team`s Ebbet`s Field World Series winning scoreboard.

Modell`s not only tailors the design of each store to the local community, but works diligently to merchandise each store to provide its customers with the products they desire, including a wide selection of brand name sporting goods and equipment, athletic and licensed team apparel, active wear, and footwear, including Adidas, Starter, Nike, Russell, Fila and Champion, and items such as Brine soccer gear, Rollerblade in-line skates, Koho hockey gear, and Pro Form exercise equipment. Modell`s actively markets this merchandise and its stores through aggressive television, radio, print advertising and sports marketing campaigns with more than 16 professional sports teams.

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