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True Value Company

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Challenging work. Good people. Rewarding moments. Fun times. These four short phrases define True Value Company. Its that simple. Embark on a career here that will stimulate your mind, while satisfying your need to work in an open, enjoyable atmosphere.

If this interests you, then this could be the place for your career. For those of us who work here, its a way of life. At True Value Company, we know the right balance between work and play. We work hard for our members the thousands of owners of True Value stores, Just Ask Rental shops and many other brands. In the spirit of this hard work, we still make room for fun with our various employee events throughout the year.

When you come to work here, youll offer us your knowledge, experience and voice. In turn, True Value Company will offer you the opportunity to be part of a team, while proving yourself as an individual. Associates work very closely with one another, but they also have the ability to set their own path. And we promise you this: each day at True Value Company will be different.

We have some of the best associates, in areas ranging from marketing and finance to technology and supply chain. Check out our management team or our Press Room. Its no surprise that we are on our way to becoming one of the best companies to work for.

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