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WellPoint, Inc.

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WellPoint, Inc.

Thanks to you,

WellPoint is working in your community.

If you've ever been without health insurance, you know how important it is to have coverage that will protect you. Not having the right health insurance can cause a lot of worry and trouble, not to mention financial stress.

Thanks to you, though, and input from communities just like the one you live in, WellPoint is bringing the comfort of health insurance to one of every ten people in America.

As the nation's leading health benefits company, WellPoint serves the health care needs of nearly 34 million members in 14 states. With headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, WellPoint works to deliver health care answers and products to customers from all walks of life. And even though the company operates on a national scale, its focus remains local.

Everyone at the company shares a commitment to improve the health of local communities and reduce the ranks of the uninsured and underinsured by making health care more affordable and accessible.

WellPoint's mission is to improve the lives of the people we serve and the health of our communities. Through our corporate social responsibility programs, we're taking a leadership role to improve our communities and address some of health care's most pressing issues.

To carry out this mission, WellPoint has a force of approximately 41,000 associates, all focused on balancing its "one company, one team" core value with a strong local presence. As a result, WellPoint's initiatives in local communities are both practical and personal. They include:

- Anthem Healthy Living Tips on Hispanic station, WIIH
- Indiana Black Expo Career Fair
- Grant to the Colorado Hospital Association to develop a consumer-oriented hospital report card comparing quality of Colorado hospitals
- Foundation grants for Miles for Smiles programs in Nevada, Colorado, and Maine
- Partnership with the California Association of Health Underwriters and the Foundation for Health
- Coverage Education to develop "Get Covered," a campaign to inform Californians about their health care coverage options
- Partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers Dream Foundation to highlight information needed to obtain health coverage and showcase the "Get Covered" campaign
- Partnership with the states of California and Wisconsin focusing on enrolling uninsured children and adults eligible for health coverage

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