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Macy's and Bloomingdale's are among the most recognized retail brands in America - and worldwide. We are known for creating unique merchandise assortments, operating destination stores, hosting attention-getting community and fashion events, and driving innovation in fashion-oriented e-commerce.

While tens of millions of customers visit Macy's and Bloomingdale's each year, we don't take their business for granted. Through ongoing research, our company is identifying its "core" customers, studying their lifestyles and striving to mold our merchandise assortments and store experiences around their needs. Macy's, Inc.'s goal is to make our stores relevant for each and every customer, whatever her or his needs and preferences.

Among the galaxy of retailers you might join, ours is a particularly bright star. We're a household name ... a favored shopping destination ... and an employer that's solid and stable, yet dynamic in its daily rhythm.


We've been around for more than 100 years, and our parent company traces its roots back to 1830. We've succeeded in all types of economic conditions. We've earned a reputation as a great store to shop and an outstanding place to build a career.


This is a place where you can have the best of both worlds. On one hand, we offer good jobs with competitive pay, great benefits, flexibility in balancing work and home, and outstanding opportunity for advancement. On the other hand, the nature of what we do is fun, fast-paced and interesting. After all, we're a department store retailer. In fact, we're the leading department store retailer - bringing fashion and affordable luxury to our customers every day.




Diversity is a key business initiative and an integral part of all aspects of the company's business. Diversity within our work force, customer base, community and vendor relationships distinguishes us from other retailers and gives us a clear competitive advantage.


To be successful, it's imperative that we reflect the face of America and the diverse customer base we serve. Our commitment to a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment allows us to attract and retain a talented workforce that reflects the growing diversity of our communities and encourages creative thinking and innovation, which are at the heart of our success.


At every level of our company, we recognize the value that different perspectives bring to our business, and we celebrate the unique characteristics and strengths of each associate. We are committed to an environment of respect where every employee's contribution is valued. We encourage our associates to remain flexible, valuing others for who they are and allowing all employees to contribute fully to the company's success.


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