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WaMu - Washington Mutual - JPMorgan Chase

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WaMu - Washington Mutual - JPMorgan Chase

We're the bank for everyday people, focusing on middle-market consumers, small businesses and commercial customers. For all of these customers, our approach is the same: we make it easy to do business with us and we provide customers with what they value.
We constantly ask ourselves, do our products and services save time, save money and reduce hassles for our customers?
Add in our industry-leading customer service and it's easy to see how WaMu stands out from our more traditional competitors.

What We Do

Retail Banking
Our award-winning retail banking approach combines banking and friendly customer service in a welcoming retail environment. The concept represents the company's innovative approach to retail banking, combining a variety of elements to create an inviting customer experience.


From the WaMu Free Checking account and online banking to personal loans, WaMu's Retail Banking and Financial Services business offers a comprehensive line of deposit and other retail banking products and services to consumers. The group also offers products and services to small businesses and assists them with payroll, cash management, and retirement planning.


WM Financial Services is a full-service brokerage that specializes in helping individuals meet their financial goals. The group offers a broad range of investment products, including individual retirement accounts (IRAs), fixed annuities, life insurance, stocks and bonds as well as retirement and estate planning.


Home Loans
WaMu is one of the nation's leading home mortgage lenders. In 2006, we funded more than $150 billion in home loans for individuals and families across the nation. We offer some of the most competitively priced and desirable products in the industry.


Through its multiple lending channels, Home Loans offers a diverse set of home loan products including WaMu Mortgage Plus, an innovative mortgage product that offers unmatched flexibility, value and simplicity. It combines a first mortgage and home equity line of credit into a single loan.


WaMu also makes insurance products available to customers that complement the mortgage lending process including private mortgage insurance and mortgage life insurance, as well as flood, homeowners', earthquake and other property and casualty insurance.


We offer commercial real estate property owners and investors great value with competitive pricing and quick, reliable processing - a combination that we believe is unmatched in the industry. WaMu is the nation's leading multi-family portfolio lender, with $30.2 billion in apartment loans at the end of 2006.

Commercial Term Lending. Through this group, we provide a broad array of adjustable and fixed rate term financing for the purchase or refinancing of established multi-family, office, retail, industrial and mixed-use properties. WaMu is a Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS ) lender for Fannie Mae's complete line of multi-family financial products. We provide multi-family loan amounts to $25 million and above and up to $10 million for commercial loan amounts.

Commercial Real Estate Lending. We offer construction, acquisition, rehabilitation and term financing for office, retail and industrial properties, and new multi-family construction - with loans typically $10 million or higher.


Community Lending and Investment. This team is responsible for providing programs for multi-family community lending and investments for credit under the Community Reinvestment Act. We emphasize profitable and competitive affordable housing and investment programs that contribute to the enhancement of community and economic development

Mortgage Banker Finance. This group provides lines of credit ("warehouse lines") to originate residential mortgage loans, Early Purchase Facilities, and deposit and treasury management products and services to mortgage bankers throughout the United States.

Card Services
WaMu Card Services is a leading provider of credit cards to middle market consumers throughout the United States. By combining experience, analysis, technology and outstanding customer service, WaMu seeks to build long-lasting relationships with customers by providing products and services that meet their evolving financial needs.

For more than 100 years, we've provided financial products and services to an ever-widening customer base. How'd we get here?


Executives & Management
They're the team at the top: meet our executives.


Vision, Mission & Values
We strive to be one of the nation's premier financial services companies. Read our philosophy.

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