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Diversity at HSBC

We find within HSBC a unique blend of people who come from different heritages and experiences, with a wide range of cultures, perspectives and talents. Our differences are important they make us who we are as individual employees and, together, who we are as a company. By leveraging our individual talents and tapping into our unique insights, we stand to achieve our Managing for Growth goals by an overwhelming margin.
Diversity within HSBC - North America and throughout HSBC worldwide is certain to grow as we grow into new markets, serving new customers in other countries. As a result, understanding diversity and accepting and respecting our differences will take on an even greater importance.

At core, we believe diversity is not just a policy it is a key driver to our success. For this reason, we honor diversity within our organization by building an inclusive work environment and by embracing proactive diversity supplier policies. As the world's local bank, we recognize and appreciate the unique contributions that each employee, supplier, and customer brings to our business success.

We truly believe that our focus on diversity enhances the insight we gain into new markets and new customers. Embracing diversity makes us a better company and a better place to work, and ensures our success.



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