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Henkel Technologies

Through its Technologies business sector, Henkel develops, produces and markets adhesives and surface solutions for industrial applications. As the worldwide leader in adhesives and surface technologies, we supply more than 3,000 different adhesives, sealants and surface treatment products, by far the broadest product portfolio offered in this market.

Though seldom noticed by the general public, adhesives are everywhere and we use them in virtually every facet of our daily lives. This fact is reflected in the diversity of customers for these products.

Outstanding Adhesives and Sealants Systems

Henkel Technologies is a supplier of outstanding adhesives and sealants systems for industrial applications. We at Industrial Adhesives & Sealants are able to offer solutions to almost all industries, being the benchmark for quality and service. We serve our customers with tailor-made, wrap-around solutions and full system capability. Ongoing co-operations with leading manufacturers of machines and application systems as well as suppliers of substrates are an integral part of our adhesives development. The main industries served are the paper converting industry, graphic arts industry, flexible packaging industry, tapes & labels industry, packaging & labeling industry, tobacco industry, hygiene & medical industry, cable & electric industry, rubber industry, wood & furniture industry, shoe industry, insulating glass industry and the general industry.

Operating in Diverse Markets

Henkel Technologies operates worldwide in markets as diverse as electronics, automotive, aerospace, machine building and medical devices, as well as many fields of general industry.

Its product range offers solutions for applications including:

Electronics: Products used for electronic packaging, such as moulding compounds, coatings, encapsulants, etc., and products for electronic assembly - these include solder pastes, SMD adhesives, underfills, electrically and thermally conductive adhesives.

Automotive and General Industry: Adhesives to lock and seal threaded fasteners and fittings, gasketing materials, adhesives to retain bearings and cylindrical assemblies, instant and structural adhesives for metals, plastics and other industrial substrates. Supplementary Loctite product lines include lubricants, mould release agents, cleaners and other specialty products useful for making bonded joints.

In aerospace Henkel supplies structural bonding and structural enhancing materials for applications on fuselage, interior, main body and wing components on military and commercial aircraft.

In addition to chemical specialty products, Loctite offers standard and custom-built dispensing and application equipment.

Henkel products of the Loctite brand, developed for use in a wide variety of industries, are also sold through distributors, particularly industrial distributors and automotive parts dealers.

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