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Macy's Credit and Customer Service.

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"The most memorable moments for me have been our United Way skits. I have played Isaac from the Love Boat, one of the Saturday Night Live Cheerleaders, and Gene, Gene The Dancing Machine from The Gong Show. To make a long story short, we have a lot of fun."
Martin - Manager, Credit Customer Service

While Federated`s store divisions ring in sales, the Financial, Administrative, and Credit Services (FACS) works behind the scenes providing customer service support to the store divisions and their customers. FACS collects data, processes transactions, and profiles customer targets in order to keep those registers ringing.

FACS is the credit services and centralized financial and administrative support resource for all Federated divisions, which include: Bloomingdale`s and Macy`s. FACS handles all projects that involve credit authorizations, new account development and processing, customer service, collections, catalog sales processing services, financial services, and payroll and benefit functions.

To both Federated customers and store divisions, our credit service and support is essential. For customers, proprietary credit offers convenience along with cost-saving promotions and discounts. For the stores, it is a means of tracking customer demographics and preferences in order to better satisfy consumer needs. FACS is the integral link that performs many business-critical functions to keep our customers happy and shopping for more!

As part of this service approach, we introduced the "Family of Cards" credit program to recognize and reward our most loyal customers. "Family of Cards" is a system designed to reward frequent buyers every time they use their proprietary card. This innovative program has increased customer satisfaction and loyalty to Federated stores, and continues to have a positive, direct impact on sales.

In addition to servicing credit card accounts and analyzing customer transactions, FACS manages financial and administrative systems, including centralized payroll and benefits processing for all Federated divisions. In just a little over a decade since our formation in 1989, we have grown from 125 associates to more than 3,800. As our organization continues to grow in size, experience and expertise, we find that our responsibilities have also continued to expand. The last few years have seen explosive growth in Internet technology, media processing and financial services. Around each corner awaits a new and challenging opportunity for all FACS associates. The spirit of teamwork is pervasive and is the reason for our leadership in the industry and our success within Federated.

The FACS Group operates in three locations: Mason, Ohio; Clearwater, Florida; and Tempe, Arizona. All three centers provide unique, challenging and rewarding opportunities. Whether you`re just starting out, making a career change, or looking to expand your horizons - FACS will open doors for you! While we continually look for ways to better serve Federated`s customers and store divisions, we are also focused on making FACS the best employer possible.

Some things about a company you just can`t really know until you talk to people on the inside. Enter our virtual world and get a behind-the-curtain peek inside life at FACS. What you really want to know is simple - how do the people who live and breathe retailing and who drive our business every day think and feel about their career at FACS?

So we`ve talked to our people from throughout various job functions, requesting four of our employees to share their experiences with you. We`ve asked the tough questions to get to the heart of what you really want to know. And they talked, openly and candidly, about how they joined the company, how they feel about their work, and what they see in the future.

The associates you will meet in the spotlights below work in a variety of disciplines ... bring different perspectives to the table ... come from diverse backgrounds ... and have unique histories with our company. In the details, their stories are very different. But in the overall FACS experience, they are strikingly similar.

Click here to see what our people had to say ... in their own words ... about their career at FACS.

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