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"I came from a small project management background and FSG gave me the opportunity to manage and oversee some large projects. I knew that it would give me a lot more project management experience across different technical arenas. I have stayed because I really enjoy what I do and the people I work with."
Julia - Manager of Network Security

Nothing in retail today happens without technology.
From advanced in-store register systems to sophisticated data management to the burgeoning online marketplace, the Federated Systems Group (FSG) serves as the technology hub of Federated - creating, gathering and directing millions of pieces of data that come together to form valuable management tools.

Driven by a mission to produce leading systems that will meet and exceed the needs of our customers, FSG helps set the pace in retail technology. We provide an integrated line of high-performance retail, e-commerce and data warehouse systems that allow Federated to serve its customers, manage its internal processes and track information in more ways and less time than ever before.

We employ a careful mix of Internet, wireless, client/server, midrange, and mainframe technologies. And with a major online selling site ( to support, FSG`s scalable architecture continually improves the company`s ability to process high-volume transactions and to handle high-speed order fulfillment. As technology continues to evolve in the days and decades ahead, we are charged and challenged with interpreting the latest electronic advances into solutions that are right for Federated.

FSG is a truly national organization. Our headquarters is in Duluth, Georgia (north suburban Atlanta), home to senior management, a large staff of technology professionals and much of the hardware infrastructure for company`s systems. In addition - in order to serve our division customers promptly and efficiently - we place field representatives and technicians at all Federated stores and operations around the country. These associates handle all systems issues that arise, including hardware and software troubleshooting, point of sale terminal repairs, and support and maintenance of telecommunications systems.

Some things about a company you just can`t really know until you talk to people on the inside. Enter our virtual world and get a behind-the-curtain peek inside life at FSG. What you really want to know is simple - how do the people who live and breathe retailing and who drive our business every day think and feel about their career at FSG?

So we`ve talked to our people from throughout various job functions, requesting some of our employees to share their experiences with you. We`ve asked the tough questions to get to the heart of what you really want to know. And they talked, openly and candidly, about how they joined the company, how they feel about their work, and what they see in the future.

The associates you will meet in the spotlights below work in a variety of disciplines ... bring different perspectives to the table ... come from diverse backgrounds ... and have unique histories with our company. In the details, their stories are very different. But in the overall FSG experience, they are strikingly similar.

Click here to see what our people had to say ... in their own words ... about their career at FSG.

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