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"For me it`s not so much what you do, but who you do it with that`s most important, and of all the places I`d looked - this is the place where I found potential for greatest joy."
Usman - Operating Vice President, Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Keeping 450 Federated stores moving is no small feat, but at Federated Logistics & Operations, it`s just another day at the office for us.

In addition to coordinating merchandise distribution and logistics functions for all Federated stores, our responsibilities also include vendor technology, energy management, asset recovery, accounts payable, purchasing, loss prevention, shortage control, leased departments, store design/construction and maintenance. It is the backbone of Federated`s most fundamental operations. Using the most advanced technology available, we work to avoid any kinks that could interrupt mission-critical functions and cause reverberations throughout the company.

Federated has long been a pioneer in retail technology innovation. In fact, our plan to improve vendor relationships and manage merchandise inventories - Federated Accelerated Sales & Stock Turn (FASST) as it was called - employed an advanced system of retail merchandise technologies, including universal product codes (UPCs), electronic data interchange (EDI) and quick response (QR) technology. Today, that initiative is recognized for progressing the industry-wide adoption of customer service and data management technology.

As this recognized technology leader, we continue to implement the latest innovations and to develop systems that make moving, tracking and handling merchandise easier and more efficient. The fact that many of our innovations have been adopted as industry standards is a telling testament to our leadership role.

Furthering our commitment to innovation and efficiency, Federated Logistics & Operations is embracing a new approach to retail management - Six Sigma. A customer focused, best business practices model aimed at achieving, sustaining and maximizing business success, the Six Sigma system refines operations in order to reach a statistically derived performance target by training employees in specialty areas of process improvement. For companies like Allied Signal and GE, Six Sigma has translated into a more streamlined execution that produces higher-quality results.

In short, we strive to continually explore and implement processes that reduce both the cost and time components of merchandise distribution. In doing so, our organization not only ensures that everything runs smoothly, but its focus on efficiencies contributes daily to Federated`s bottom line.

Some things about a company you just can`t really know until you talk to people on the inside. Enter our virtual world and get a behind-the-curtain peek inside life at Federated Logistics. What you really want to know is simple - how do the people who live and breathe retailing and who drive our business every day think and feel about their career at Federated Logistics?

So we`ve talked to our people from throughout various job functions, requesting four of our employees to share their experiences with you. We`ve asked the tough questions to get to the heart of what you really want to know. And they talked, openly and candidly, about how they joined the company, how they feel about their work, and what they see in the future.

The associates you will meet in the spotlights below work in a variety of disciplines ... bring different perspectives to the table ... come from diverse backgrounds ... and have unique histories with our company. In the details, their stories are very different. But in the overall Federated Logistics experience, they are strikingly similar.

Click here to see what our people had to say ... in their own words ... about their career at Federated Logistics.

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