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Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Corporation

We understand the value of weaving diversity into our organizational fabric by reflecting individual differences in our products and corporate citizenship.

The potential of a diverse workforce is unlimited

Our vision is to ensure that the importance of diversity at Microsoft is not just a verbal commitment, but a reality.

You'll find a company-wide initiative to expand and support a workforce that can best understand and serve the needs of our global customers, partners, and communities.

We're proud of our efforts to create a welcoming environment for every employee, and we will continue to make sure that Microsoft is a great place to work for everyone - no matter what your background.

From mentoring rings to employee development conferences, we support you.

Reaching out is the right thing to do

To realize our vision, we've created some ambitious programs dedicated to, among other things, attracting, retaining, and developing the careers of a broad range of diverse employee populations at Microsoft. We reach out to colleges, high schools, and even middle and elementary schools to educate and to prepare students for technical careers. Our programs support an increase in the number of well-educated math and science students entering the field of technology. But our ability to continue as a global innovator also depends on attracting people whose talent has been seasoned by experience. People like you. Let's begin the conversation.

Explore our site to discover diversity at Microsoft

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about our commitment to create the kind of place where you can do your best work. We're confident that you, like our 80,000 employees from around the world, will find Microsoft to be an inclusive and inspiring place.

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