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Life Technologies

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Life Technologies

At Life Technologies, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. We’re merging different backgrounds, nurturing diverse thinking and fostering cultural competence. The result? A vibrant, powerful mix of talents and unique ideas. Our commitment to inclusion in our workplace and diversity in our recruiting results in a mosaic perspective that makes us stronger and smarter together. Transforming lives by enabling scientific research isn’t for those who accept status quo. We are all engaged, curious, driven, insightful and responsible, yet express ourselves and contribute in a variety of ways. We embrace a spirit of inclusion and encourage diversity of people and thought. We thrive on new perspectives and embrace opportunities that new ideas create. Diversity isn’t simply a goal, it’s a daily practice for us.  Sponsored by women at Life Technologies, IWIN supports, mentors, and inspires Life Technologies employees to excel through personal and professional development opportunities. Together, we can make life even better.

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