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McGraw Hill Companies

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McGraw Hill Companies

About Us:


Our Mission:
Founded in 1899, The McGraw-Hill Companies provides the essential information and insight that helps individuals, markets, and societies perform to their potential.


Our Strategy:

We align with three enduring global needs that drive global economic growth:
- The Need for Knowledge:
To promote growth and opportunity for societies around the world.


- The Need for Capital:
To provide global economic development and raise standards of living.


- The Need for Information Transparency:
To ensure equal access and a level playing field for all.


- Our Brands:

The McGraw-Hill Companies represents a stellar group of world-class brands that set the bar for excellence. Some of our renowned brands include Standard & Poor's, McGraw-Hill Education, BusinessWeek, and J.D. Power and Associates and many others.


Business Segments:

The need for capital, knowledge and reliable information - each of which is essential for economic growth - continues to increase worldwide. To meet these needs, The McGraw-Hill Companies has built strong businesses with leading positions in three growing, global markets: financial services, education and business information.


Financial Services - S&P

Standard & Poor's, the world's foremost provider of financial market intelligence, provides rigorous, independent analysis, and information on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and many other complex investment vehicles. The critical thinking, opinions, news and data offered by Standard & Poor's are an integral part of the global financial infrastructure.


McGraw-Hill Education
McGraw-Hill Education is an innovative global leader in high-quality teaching and learning solutions. We help to improve the world's prospects by providing individuals vital knowledge to enable them to reach their full potential. McGraw-Hill Education is where the world learns to succeed.


Information & Media
McGraw-Hill Information & Media, comprised of some of the world's most respected brands, each an expert in its industry, is dedicated to delivering its customers access to essential data and analytics. Information & Media has three core capabilities: business information, market insight, and media.



Our Focus
At The McGraw-Hill Companies, we capitalize on the opportunities ahead and continue to grow by encompassing a high performance culture one in which everyone understands and aligns with the organization's goals, embraces high performance, and comprehends that teamwork is absolutely critical to success.


Core Values:
Objectivity - It's the basis of everything we do.
Integrity - It's what ensures the highest possible standards.
Candor - It's how we earn people's trust.
Diversity - It ensures all voices are heard.


Core Strengths:
Performance - It's the impact we have every day.
Thought Leadership - It's what drives our unique perspectives.
Rigor - It's how we approach our business.
Global Perspective - It's seeing the bigger picture.


Our People
To serve our markets effectively, we need a truly global perspective.
With about 20,000 employees located in 31 countries worldwide, our people are spread across the globe representing all of our esteemed brands to make one global impact.


Our Commitment to our Community
In all of our markets, The McGraw-Hill Companies is committed to helping people improve their prospects, their opportunities and their communities. Our commitment to corporate responsibility encompasses our values and our mission for society. Our work to make that vision a reality includes addressing community needs through strategic grant- making and volunteerism.


McGraw Hill is committed to Diversity

At The McGraw-Hill Companies, we're proud to say that diversity is one of our core values. We constantly strive for a workplace that is inclusive and values each individual, their experience, perspective, and contribution to our success. The high value that we place on diversity is critical to attracting and retaining the best talent, creating an engaged workforce, meeting the requirements of our customers worldwide, and delivering outstanding value to our shareholders.


By embracing, cultivating and retaining a diverse talent base that is distinguished by both performance and thought leadership, we aspire to accurately reflect the broad markets we serve each and every day. In an increasingly global marketplace, the diverse characteristics, perspectives, ideas and backgrounds that our employees bring to the table give us a vital competitive edge in anticipating and exceeding our customer's needs.
Diversity is much more then ensuring equal opportunity. It is a standard of excellence that enables each individual to reach their full potential.



Career Benefits:


Developing our Talent:
Developing a diverse, motivated workforce at all levels of the Corporation is essential to our success in a highly competitive business environment. That's why you'll find a variety of programs and initiatives within McGraw-Hill that are designed to encourage continuous learning, career development and networking opportunities.


Planning for Retirement:
Financial security upon retirement is one of the most important issues facing employees today. We offer a variety of programs, featuring both employer and employee contributions that help you ensure your financial future.
Health and Welfare:
From medical coverage to flexible spending accounts, we offer a variety of health and welfare programs designed to fit the needs of our diverse workforce.


Work/Life Program:
A diverse workforce has diverse needs. So McGraw-Hill supports you and your families with a broad array of programs and initiatives that enable you to manage your career and personal obligations.


Community Involvement:
Realizing your potential means contributing your talents and expertise on and off the job. Our Community Partners initiatives enables you to put more into and get more out of your life by participating in a variety of civic, community and charitable activities.


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