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Regan Campbell Ward

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Regan Campbell Ward

Our Philosophy


If it's not strategic, it can't be creative.


If our clients don't succeed, we don't succeed. It's as simple as that. And our philosophy of advertising recognizes this. If a communication isn't strategic, it can't be creative.


Some agencies can't see the strategy for the creative. They fall in love with an image, a snappy piece of copy, or a breakthrough illustration style. The result? They seem to want to sell their ad (and themselves) instead of the brand.


At Regan Campbell Ward - McCann, we avoid both mistakes by embracing both principles. We revere strategy, but we work hard to make sure it can be executed. We love creative, but only if it conveys the message we've learned is going to connect with customers.


Sure, we can fall in love with ideas, but in the end, sales are our measure of success.


Our History


Time flies when you're having fun.

We're young (some younger than others), but we offer the resources and experience of over a century. Founded in 1997, Regan Campbell Ward -McCann is a subsidiary of the McCann Healthcare Worldwide network, the health-care arm of McCann Worldgroup.


We're a full service advertising and communications agency devoted exclusively to the marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical, medical, and health-care products and services. We've worked with some of the premiere companies in the industry and on a wide array of products (small to large, specialty, primary care, and OTC). This has been possible because clients recognize the strengths we bring to the table: a combination of insightful strategies and creative excellence. (The combination of these kills is a quality our clients tell us is difficult to find.)


As the Agency grew, we added to our services by establishing MedRageous, our medical interactive arm, in 2001. In addition, Regan Campbell Ward - McCann expanded its presence on the West Coast by establish an office in San Diego.


It's been quite a ride. After winning the Med Ad News "Agency on the Rise" and "Agency of the Year" awards, Regan Campbell Ward - McCann is now among the top 20 agencies in the field.


Not bad for a 10 year old.

Our Culture

Entrepreneurial. Electric. Exciting. Casual. Chaotic. Fun.


Sure we've gotten pretty large. But just recently we were small. And hungry. Spend a minute with us, and you'll see the energy. And no amount of growth is going to change that.


We think that out environment brings out the best in our people. They're not afraid to speak their minds, and they're not afraid to take risks. And this how we generate great ideas.


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