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Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton LLP believes that our encouragement of a diverse workforce builds upon our global vision of empowered people providing bold leadership and distinctive client service worldwide.  We build on this vision through exercising our global values of:

  • Unite through global collaboration
  • Demonstrate leadership in all we do
  • Promote a consistent culture of excellence
  • Act with agility
  • Ensure deep respect for people
  • Take responsibility for our actions

Diversity at Grant Thornton is defined as “bringing together people of diverse backgrounds, talents, skills and abilities to create an inclusive environment that encourages people to achieve their aspirations - both professional and personally.”

We are committed to maintaining an environment where everyone is welcomed respected, valued  - and rewarded based on personal and firm accomplishments. Grant Thornton values differences in background and thought processes and achieves success by employees teaming together to capitalize on their unique strengths.

We strive to ensure our culture and environments ensure all individuals are recognized for their contributions and not discriminated against due to such differences as ethnic background, job level, gender, age or sexual orientation. Click Here

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