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  • Member Since:

    September 19, 2007

  • Real Name::

    Josey Wellz

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  • Education:

    Some College Coursework Completed

  • Primary Job:

    Arts, Entertainment, and Media

  • Location:

    Shreveport, LA

  • Race:

    Black/African American, White

  • Zodiac:




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I'm Josey Wellz in SHREVEPORT, LA. I work @ 99.7 KMJJ. I'm on.I Put on for the City. I feel free and am free. Feel great about being able to breathe again.I have a C.D. getting ready to come out called "Built From the G-Code" I don't have alot of friends and I am kind of anti-social butI'm V.I.P. everywhere in the city so it's by choice if I feel like going out or not. That's me though. The Mayor Josey Wellz

What's good world? I am The Mayor Josey Wellz. Look @ the bottom of the page and click on my icon on the favorite artist page and click on fan. Add me as one of your favorite artist. Support me first and everything slse second. I go to Southern University in Shreveport. My click I.G.H. (I GO HARD) is Von South and Key South. I like meeting super cool people because I am super cool myself. I rap and the songs on my page are from my c.d. I am Louisiana. So add my songs to your playlist. As far as anything else, like I say I like meeting super cool, down to earth, business minded, goal oriented people, not people that just waste their time doing nothing or isn't about doing anything.

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