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    February 08, 2001

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    Arts, Entertainment, and Media

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    Aurora, IL

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Andre "Versatile" Hunter

D-lux Entertainment

Songwriter, producer, rapper, singer, DJ, graphics designer, are not the only things keeping the CEO of D-lux Entertainment & Kingdom Minded (Coming Soon) with an all-encompassing schedule complex. Starting his own series of mix tapes called "Chopped & ReVerSatiliZed" and ReVerSatiliZed Blends is just one of the many projects you will see Versatile's name stamped across. If the name fits wear it, is what I'd say about this storm of talent hailing out of Chicago. Versatile to the fullest ranging from production to the way his presence graces the stage. This handsome entertainer has rocked many venues through out the Chicago area, so if you've seen him then you know exactly what I'm talking about. You may ask yourself, how can one be so well balanced wearing so many hats and keep everything in order? You will always catch Versatile saying "Patience is virtue" in other words if you are good at and believe in what you do and have patience within yourself to accomplish each task effectively then time will fall in place efficiently. It's been over 6 years since he founded D-lux ENT and since then the company has grown into a fountain of opportunities for all the artist and producers that Versatile manages and works with. Singing as a youth that grew into poetic verses transforming into song lyrics and then killa rhymes not to long after is how Versatile got started in the many degrees of music. He is currently working on his solo album titled "Invisible Perception" while being the man behind the music on different artists' albums soon to debut. Versatile has started a trend of production websites for producers to display their skills and reach out to further markets in order to get their music heard and sold. The next project dropping from the D-lux camp is their compilation CD at the beginning of the year, so be on the look out. For all artist, producers, and record labels looking to build bridges, a Versatile start is the way to go, offering services in production, mixing, mastering, duplication, media/graphic design, DJing on location, his signature "Chopped & ReVerSatiliZed", and most importantly to collab with D-lux ENT to bring down any venue.


Logo & design examples:



Need Tracks, Studio Time, Soundkits or Graphics? (ALL OVER THE WORLD)


Andre "Versatile" Hunter Producer/Songwriter/Singer/Rap per/Graphic Designer!

Do you need tracks or custom made tracks, your song mixed, soundkits or even soundkits?

Here is my info and contact me at 630-982-0102.


Leasing - $10 ea.*

Ownership - starting at $100

Customized Leasing - $50 ea.

Ownership - starting at $200+

*Note that others have access to the same beat when leasing.


Need Studio Time?

Looking for a studio to record at but dont want to pay outrageous prices? Come to our newest studio location in Lemont, IL. We deliver state of the art equipment in a professional environment, engineered by experienced producers, without the professional prices. Set up an appointment and come record today with rates afforded by your budget!


Need Mixing/Mastering?

When you submit your material to label executives, will they think theyre listening to a song on a record or tape player? The last step in perfection is getting your songs mixed and mastered. Your music needs to sound like a CD from the record store with clarity and quality. Let D-lux Entertainment mix & master your project not only at competitive rates but at afforded budget.


Need your track ReVerSatiliZed?

Let producer, Versatile add flavor to your track rather he executive produces the track, or renders the song into what he calls Chopped & ReVerSatiliZed like they do in Texas with screw music. Dont forget there are different types of hip-hop, so dont forget to cater your music to other markets that may be interested but listen with a different style in mind. Rates depend on the complexity of the song.


Need Music?

Looking for hit songs or exclusive remixes? Let D-lux Entertainments artists contribute to your next mixtape, radio show, or club mix to give it that D-lux status. Keep us informed with the heavy rotated tracks, and we will keep it versatile to deliver you originality. This also includes radio and mixtape drops for DJs.


Need Artists?

D-lux Entertainment has a roster of artists/affiliates ranging from rappers to singers. Are you looking to sell out your next event? Contact us to book the artists of D-lux Entertainment who has performed all around Chicago as well as Las Vegas to Michigan. We even have artists in every major city not to mention overseas! Currently working in Canada building a Canadian tour with local, professional and affiliated artists. Send your inquiries!


Need Artist Development or someone who does?

Taking a novice to the heights of a pro with our time proven methods is our forte! These days major labels are not interested in artists to develop but rather artist that are developed and ready to make hits! This to them equals $! There are not a lot of companies that would take an artist and enhance their gifts. Either you got it or you don't! That is far from what we believe and what we do to take you to higher levels! It is entirely up to how far you want to progress. For your developing needs, send an inquiry or place a call explaining what it is you want to do and where it is you want to go! Talk to you soon!


Need dance mixes for your contest & routines?

Look no further! We specialize in mixing and producing winning results for that special competition or routine. With your input and timed patterns, together we make a winning combination. Feel free to submit requests or to schedule an appointment to go over your material! Don't have the music? Send a list to our email and we can get the music before you even get there! If you prefer to send the music, send the music at no less than a bit rate of 192 kbps (mp3)


Need Soundfonts, Loops or Soundkits?

We have a full stock of soundfonts, loops & soundkits. We can also create customize soundfonts (sounds playable as though you were really using the hardware. ie. KORG Triton, Yamaha MOTIF, Roland and etc.)to fit your needs. Enabling you to take your boards with you without the space being taken up. Just take your soundfont files to any computer that has your favorite software, load and you are all set.


Image Hosting by




Webpage Design - Personal ($100)

Includes: - 1 HTML Home Page - Music - Pictures


Website Design - Personal ($200)

Includes: - 1 HTML Home Page - 4 Extra HTML Pages - Music - Pictures - 1 Flash Movie On Page of Choice


Website Design - Personal ($350)

Includes: - Graphical Design - Unlimited Html Pages - Flash Movie - Music - Pictures - E-Commerce (Shopping Cart) - Video


Website Design - Business ($500 - 1500)

Includes: - Graphical Design - Logo Design - Unlimited Html Pages - Flash Movie - Music - Pictures - Video

Website Maintenance - Monthly Service: "Unlimited Updates" - ($20 / Month) - Per Update Limited Updates - ($25 ea)


CD Covers Design - Single Sided ($50) - Double Sided ($75)

Flyer Design - Single Sided ($75) - Double Sided ($100)

Business Card Design - Single Sided ($25) - Double Sided ($50)

Wallpaper Design ($75)

Sig Design ($50)

Poster Design ($100)


Project Printing:


CD Covers Printing - Quantity: 5,000 - Colors: 2 Sided - Coating: UV (Ultra High Gloss) - Proof: None - Tag: Ok To Tag - Artwork: Supplied $160.00 + S&H Flyer Printing - Quantity: 5,000 - Coating: UV (Ultra High Gloss) - Colors: 2 Sided - Bindery: None - Proof: None - Tag: Ok To Tag - Artwork: Supplied $160.00 + S&H

Business Card Printing - Quantity: 5,000 - Coating: UV (Ultra High Gloss) - Colors: 2 Sided - Bindery: None - Proof: None - Artwork: Supplied $110.00 + S&H Brochure Printing - Quantity: 1,000 - Coating: UV (Ultra High Gloss) - Fold: Bi-Fold - Proof: None $360.00 + S&H Poster Printing - Quantity: 1,000 - Coating: UV (Ultra High Gloss) - Proof: None $335.00 + S&H

Contact: Andre "Versatile" Hunter...



Yahoo @ andre_hunter


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