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Peace Family


I'm an educated man with a positive mental attitude, and I'm here on BlackPlanet to network with positive people. I am originally from Cambridge/Boston, MA however I currently reside in a rural village in Tanzania. I am working on several community upliftment projects that I am excited to share with you via social media. Be sure to use the links below to add, follow, or subscribe me on any of your favorite social media outlets.








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Life Update 2016


Peace FamilyI've been living in Tanzania for the past year and half and am truly excited to return to my social media outlets to share some exciting projects I'm now working on. I'll be posting new youtube videos pertaining to my adjustment to my new village life as well as updates and insights pertaining to some of the things I am most passionate about such as holistic health, permaculture, and community building. Stay tuned for more consistent updates!PEACE (continue reading)



With the upcoming election I've been putting together my thoughts on the political situation in America so that I can share my perspective with anyone who may view this. I don't presume that I am presenting any new information, but just my perspective and some reasons as to why I believe my opinion is valid. I don't vote. I don't believe that the government has any intention to do anything to help the condition of the working class people, a group that I have been a part of since I was born.... (continue reading)



I left school because of a lack of focusdirectionand discipline, however I consider myself scholarly and intend to continue to educate myself at my own pace. I also intend to use this blog along with my own personal notes as a means of collecting and organizing my thoughts, in order to build upon them with the hopes of further cultivating my overall intelligence. On a side note about me, I've come to understand that I do have common sense however it is lacking at times so I hope that writing... (continue reading)