kemay_503 She cooked Friday nights got and I ve been full every night since then with steak and potatoes.. not to brag because now I m %#&@$!ting like crazy - 8 hours ago add/view comments (2)

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    July 18, 2014

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    Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Native American

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The Book of Moses


The Talmud holds that the Torah was written by Moses, with the exception of the last eight verses of Deuteronomy, describing his death and burial, being written by Joshua.14 Alternatively, Rashi quotes from the Talmud that God spoke them, and Moses wrote them with tears. The Mishnah includes the divine origin of the Torah as an essential tenet of Judaism.

Envy is want


The House of Issac is the house of Israel which is the house of Ephraim which is the house of Judah which is the house of Solomon which is the house of David which is the house of Joshua which is the House of lost israelites better known as !s, coons, spooks, black,African, African American, South American Middle American, Carribean, North American, Native American, and all converted to Christianity by catholics and given a image of a white jesus in the concealment of our true identity.. told... (continue reading)



Sit back and unwind... humble yourselves...

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