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    April 15, 2010

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    Gonzales, TX

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    Black/African American, Native American

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    Puerto Rican

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Missing something I once had..


I had the perfect woman in my life, and I messed it up. A simple mistake caused me to pay in forever. I lost what meant so much to me, Begging for forgiveness, but never forgetting what I've done. Wishing to get the love back that I have lost,but it is gone forever... No chance to find out if it could have worked out, cause I hurt her in a way that wasn't meant for another chance. Im dying inside from the pain ive caused... She was my everything my moon goddess,The water to my dry earth. The One... (continue reading)

Poetic W E T.... byK.K


Drip drops of sweat beading off your forehead,exhausting workout seduction wet slippery jelly, A glob of sliding body paints. imprint ion of a secret treasure map... following directions to the coins and jewels that shimmer an shine in the water, wet soft at the touch, karma sutra oils gliding aroma therapy emotions, touching moaning imagination.. teasing.. tasting, lets do the unthinkable... im ready, and make it WET...



It IS ..... that she knows, that happiness is a choice, that requires effort, I'm not going to get tired of doing the right thing, because someday.... its going to pay off. Me smiling deep for seconds.. Reliving a dream.. staring in space, lt's like a spell was upon me... I'm Whispering in YOUR ear..Grab my sides..Open up S L O W L Y Use your tongue and lick my cream inside... DAMN Oreo's are good!! Snapping back to reality Ha ha ha WOW What a moment I know that was kinky Huh! THAT'S WHAT... (continue reading)

personal message

For those who are curious about Me... I AM 100% WOMAN, and the reason i say this is because, I'm frequently asked...Are you a male/female? Its kinda sad that i have to prove 2 everyone that i am a girl. Well now i can honestly say that i have been accepted into my peoples group with no problem. I thank those for accepting me as i am, and not what i look like. THIS IS AN UPDATE FROM THE LAST NOTE....if you remember or new to my profile...(Recently i found that i have been rejected from joining any Lesbian/Stud groups because i look like a man. Once again i am being judged for how i look, and not who i am. If you were to talk to me or see the rest of me you would kno that i am who i say. I should not have to pay the price for the men pretending to be a woman to get on a lesbian chat or group. I already get hell for being gay, so why disrespect what sex i am?) And on that note... If your not happy with my profile, then kindly skip yourself to another, if dont like it , someone will. Anyways thank you for your views and add's I appreciate them

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Female, 44, San Antonio, TX

Posted December 11, 2012

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